Annulment of first marriage

Hi all; can anyone give me any advise in regards to the following

Hi I am a very deeply Catholic woman who married a man in 1984 who was already in relationship with another woman, I was totally naive of the relationship it took me 6 years ton work out my husband was quite happy with his life as long as he had a wife and kids at home and other relationships our friends have since told me my “husband” had no concept of fidelity. We split up in 1991 and I married my current partner 1993 (in a register office) but I really miss my Catholicism how can I get my first marriage annulled we would like to get married in the catholic church. Impossible or can it be done. I have lots of people who will swear my first husband was not committed to a single relationship when he married me. what can I do? :confused:

Welcome to CAF, Jane. I suggest taking this information to your local parish priest. He is the one who can help you begin the process.

Make an appointment with a priest, as soon as possible, to discuss obtaining an annulment from your first marriage. He will be in the best position to advise you on how to proceed.

it can be done. talk to a priest in the catholic church nearest you (not the one that you like the look of the best) and get things started.

on the surface, it sounds like a decree of nullity will be easy to get; if he didn’t consent to the marriage because he had no intention of being faithful, then you were never really married. but that’s for a tribunal to figure out, not a forum.

once the tribunal reaches its decision (either way; an annulment is never guaranteed), you can then decide what to do about your current, as you put it, partner. if a decree of nullity is issued by the tribunal, then your next step is to get your current marriage convalidated so that your partner will be recognized as your husband in the catholic church. if your first marriage is deemed binding, then you need to either part ways with your current partner or agree to live without sex (the common phrase is, “as brother and sister,”) if you want to come back to full communion in the church.

in addition to going through a tribunal, your priest should also recommend attending rcia if you want to come back into full communion with the church. welcome home!

Why would the priest recommend RCIA for her to come back into full communion with the Church? RCIA is for unbaptized individuals, and in some cased those who have not been confirmed in the Catholic Church. After her marriage situation has been “regularized”, as they like to call it, Confession is all that is necessary for her to return to Communion.

Correct! RCIA is for those entering the Catholic Church after either not completing all of the sacraments, or not beginning them but converting to our faith.

you’re right. there are other organizations for returning catholics. my bad.

Don’t be afraid of an annulment. My son received an annulment and the process was very healing for him. He learned a lot about himself.

In some parishes, returning Catholics are encouraged to attend the Inquiry phase of RCIA as a means of receiving catechesis. The intent isn’t to insert them into the sacramental process, but to leverage a catechetical process that’s already going on…

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