Annulment or Dissolution Required For Baptism?


I have never been baptized. Was previously married in 1986 in a legal ceremony at the courthouse. Remarried in 2000 again at the courthouse. Attending RCIA now. Does my 1986 marriage need to be annulled in order for me to be baptized. Thank you for your response.


Speak to your pastor.




A declaration of nullity is only nessecary if you want to remarry. You can reccieve all the other Sacraments in the usual fashion, other than Holy Matrimony.


What @Maximilian75 said.


I don’t think we can say this. The OP says he was married, divorced, and then remarried. If he is currently married to someone who is not his first spouse, something needs to be looked at. The fact that he is unbaptized gives him extra options, but he definitely needs to bring this up to the pastor. I’m a bit surprised it hasn’t already come up as he is in RCIA.


Listen to the Batpriest🙂. Talk with the pastor. He can ask the pertinent questions to arrive at an answer quickly.


It’s definitely possible, but it’s not much use for us all to sit here and ponder what he could be told needs to be done. OP needs to find out from a priest who can do something and put his mind at ease or put him on the path to correcting anything that needs to be untangled first. I shouldn’t think he’d be denied baptism, but he might need to abstain from any marital relations with this new marriage partner till the old one is settled if he wants to continue recieving Holy Communion after baptism.

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