Annulment Phases & Process

Since having submitted my annulment petition and answers in October of 2010, I have received three letters from the tribunal: (1) receipt of petition acknowledgement (2) consent from diocese of former spouse to hear petition and notice that former spouse and witnesses to be contacted and (3) this week I received notice that the “introductory phase” is complete and that the “instruction phase” is now proceeding. Also, attached was a judge’s decree indicating the formula (grounds) upon which the sacramental study will take place.

The original questionnaire I completed asked me the reasons “I thought” the marriage should be deemed invalid (non-binding). I cited a several grounds which all seemed applicable. The decree I received cites “Intention Against Fidelity” (C.1056 & 1101.2) as the grounds they deem to be present in my questionnaire responses.

What is the “instruction phase” ? How long does it typically last ?

Does anyone have any personal experience with their own annulment petition that could shed some light on my questions?

this process sounds slightly different from what I went through. I do not recall receiving notice of an “instruction phase”…:shrug:
But my advice would be, if you have questions, contact the person who is working with you on this matter. he will best know the particulars in your diocese.


No personal experience, but helped on a lot of annulments.

You might click on
for some fairly good information.

God bless you!

You may want to check out this group here:

Some of these questions have already been answered on our “Ask a Canon Lawyer” Thread and you can also get some support from some others that have been through the process.

God bless

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