Annulment problem


I really want to convert to catholic but have a huge road block in front of me. I was married before many years ago to a woman that turned out to be a scam. We dated long distance while i was in military and before the gulf war she wanted to get married, so i flew in for wedding, was together for 2 days then was sent to Iraq. After it was over I returned home to find her 2 mo pregnant with former husbands child, and they had drained bank accounts. Got divorce,
Now trying to do annulment for church but can’t get any information on her as to her location or anything.
Question is what do I do?

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Do you have any documents/records pertaining to your marriage? These may prove helpful. If the logistics can be sorted out, I can think of a few grounds for a declaration of nullity given what you’ve posted…but of course, these grounds need to be proved in the external forum, before an ecclesiastical tribunal.

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Have nothing . Don’t even know where in the world she would be or if she’s even still alive. Don’t remember anyone in her family, to tell the truth I’m not even sure of her real name



The Tribunal staff have a process in place for these situations, sadly they happen more often than one would think.

You will work with your Advocate, provide the info you have and then they will walk through it with you. Do not be afraid!



First step is to contact your parish office and arrange a meeting with a priest or deacon there to discuss your circumstances. He will direct you on the process and what to do with regard to contacting your ex-wife and any other witnesses.

God bless you.



No civil divorce records either?

As other posters mentioned, speak to your parish and diocesan tribunal. There’s nothing much we can do on a public forum. If nothing works out, your only option would be not to attempt marriage again.



Have already contacted them and received forms to fill out, but can’t fill them out with no information
Thank you



This is spot on. You are absolutely not the first person to go through this without contact information. Give them the information you can, and note what information you can’t.

The tribunal knows how to handle this.



Please make an appointment with your Catholic Parish and discuss this with the Priest there as you begin your journey into Catholicism.



This is a question that you should be asking the tribunal. They are the experts in dealing with these things.

If you were married and divorced there are two sets of public records from which a start can be made.

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