annulment question

Just a simple question, though not sure if you guys can answer but figured I’d ask…

Husband doesn’t want children ever. Under lack of intention, what is to prevent the husband for lying saying he does want children just so the annulment is denied? How is it determined?


Sorry you are dealing with this. As for your husband – if he lies - to a Priest or on the documents that he does wants children is a tough one. It would be best to talk with your Priest but I think it would depend on how long you were married, your ages, and if he has stated to others (that you could use for witnesses – which you will need when filing your documents) that he does not want children. With your account, the witnesses and other factors that your Priest may be better to let you know it should be granted – in my view.

I will pray that God grants you peace and happiness.


I’ve never pursued an annulment, though, isn’t it a thorough process including statements from others? if your husband doesn’t want children ever - it’s likely he didn’t keep that secret prior to marrying you. Past behavior is often a good predictor of future behavior. Did he agree with you to have children to get married? now he’s about facing? or did you both talk about not wanting children, now, you’ve changed your mind? in a Catholic marriage, the couple agrees they willingly accept children as a natural product of that marriage. And who am I to preach - guilty as charged in that area as well.

I knew before hand he didn’t want children ever but all the guys I knew changed their mind and it was just a phase they were in. He’s also very verbally abusive towards me and with his addiction to porn, and his bad language and feeling towards God and the church I don’t want to raise kids with him because it’s not fair to my future children.

from me - I’m all for the marriage vow and the sacramental vow. That said - don’t wait too long. Even in annulment, you have face the civil legal side of dissolving a marriage. It only gets harder to do the longer you wait.

I have an annulment. There is nothing to prevent anyone from lying at all to the tribunal.
However, hopefully there are others who know he did not want children and could “testify” as a witness to that effect.

I am sorry for your situation and please contact a priest and the marriage tribunal is especially helpful as well.

God bless you as it appears there are multiple issues in your marriage which must be frustrating as well.


Indeed. The tribunal doesn’t rely solely on the information from each spouse, they also rely on information from outside witnesses. For example, DH applied for and received a declaration of nullity from his first marriage. His ex told him, and confirmed to one of the witnesses that she had said this, that she believed marriage was glorified common-law with ceremonial benefits, that the vows she took were just symbolic and didn’t really mean anything anyway because they were purely ceremonial, and if she wasn’t happy, she was free to leave at any time.

My aunt was in a position similar to the one you describe, where her husband lied to the tribunal during his testimony. She was able to receive a declaration of nullity, though it took longer (about 2 years - the goal of the Church is, where possible, to have it finished within 18 months, though this is not a firm deadline; DH’s took about 15 months).

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