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A couple I know has been married for 32 years, but it was a marriage outside of the Church. However, they have received baptism, reconciliation, communion, and confirmation, and attend mass services regularly.

However, the man happened to be married once before, and the marriage was never annuled, they were only divorced. The priest at his Church refused to allow him to marry his second wife because of this. That is why they were married outside of the Church.

My questions are, are these two in communion with the Church? What actions should they take? Must the first marriage be annuled? Are they in sin?

Thanks for the help kind people! :thumbsup:


From what you posted:

Most likely no.

They need to speak with their pastor.


They need to ask that in Confession.


If they have been to the Sacrament of Reconciliation and live a celebate life then they can receive Communion even if there is no annulment.


They need to live celibately and go to confession.

However the situation of Scandal may apply here if they are walzing around like they are married in front of everyone.

Same thing happened in my church. Only their anneversary was listed in the bulletin every year. when I was on pastoral council the topic came up about the bulletin. Since they were a prominet family is was passed by vote that my parish cooperate with evil by recognizing their adultrous invalid “marriage” in the bulletin each year.


that is a pastoral concern, no business of the laity, and can only be answered for each of these individuals by the priest in confession.


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