Annulment question

I’ve started an annulment, but the diocese is asking for more witnesses. (I have two, but neither knew us before the marriage and immediately afterward) The problem is that my marriage took place 30 years ago in my college town 2000 miles away. I no longer have college friends who knew both my ex and myself before we married and afterwards. My parents and siblings were only met her once. Any suggestions?

Have you told the Diocese of your predicament…it would seem to me that if that is all you can muster…given the circumstances, that it would be acceptable. Who is your advocate, or the priest, representing you…they can probably talk to the right people in the diocese and have them accept the number of witnesses you currently have…I would think he could at least.

Remember that an anullment is concerned primarily with the wedding day and the time just before the wedding. That is why they are asking for additional witnesses. The witnesses you supplied as you said did not know you at the time of the wedding, so they are not of much use. Even though you may not have been in contact with anyone for thirty years your friends from thirty years ago will need to be located. Campus minister, people from the parish you attended.

Discuss this with your advocate. The law provides for the use of “credibility” witnesses in addition to other means of proof (canons 1679, 1536 §2; and see Dignitas connubi, article 180). While they cannot address the pre-nuptial circumstances, they can attest to your credibility. Your advocate should know about that, and if not, it can be pursued with the tribunal.

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