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My father who has died converted from being a Protestant to a Catholic. My mother was always Catholic. My father had been married before to a Jewish woman, they had a child and the marriage lasted only 4 years.

During the investigation by the Church, I beieve his ex-wife was contacted and my father seemed surprised that she would respond because it was an accrimonious divorce. She even sent their child to a foster family rather than let my father raise her after several years had passed and he married my mother.

My question is regarding the records. Both my father and his ex-wife are now deceased. Some of my father's ex-wife's descendants are accusing my father of spousal abuse in order to alienate my father's grandchildren by his first marriage from my father. My neice made recognition of his being her grandfather on Facebook and immediatey these people began saying, what I believe are out and out lies, that my father was violent with his first wife.

I intend to look up the divorce records to see if his first wife ever actually made this accusation during the divorce, but since I heard she co-operated when she was contacted by the Church, I was wondering if anyone might know whether her response might be held and available to see if she made such a claim to the Church. My mother is still alive and was wondering, if anyone knows, whether she might be able to request this information.

My mother was married to my father for 5 decades and he was never violently abusive and I don't believe the charge and wouldn't care accept the ones making this claim are swaying some of my father's grandchildren to really hate him and I think this is wrong.

It really bothers me too because he regretted not having been able to raise his child his whole life. Thanks for anyone who may have some suggestions on how to go about finding and/or getting access to these type of records.


Tribunal proceedings are confidential. No, you will not be able to access them.


If your father received no copies of the documents at the time (and I don’t know if this is ever even done) then I seriously doubt that you would be able to get any of them now, especially since he has passed and cannot give you his permission to try and obtain them.

It’s a terrible thing to try and slander a dead man’s reputation, but other than knowing that your father was not like that, there’s not a whole lot you can do.


No tribunal records are confidential. The best bet is to ask your family is charity and remind them that God is the final judge and that He has had His say as He will for all of us.


I am sorry for the pain that you are going through and for the loss of your father. Unfortunately.those records are confidential and cannot be released. All you can do is uphold the father he was to you and hopefully in time the truth will come out, as it always does.


I will pray for you, this sounds extrememly painful.

Please don't be discouraged....I am making a wild guess here but say for some reason you could obtain the papers and it was revealed that your father was always a very gentle, kind and loving man!

Do you beleive that upon reading those papers, that the extended members of your family would suddenly completely change their behavior and want to have a loving and nurturing relationship with everyone else?

I don't know your family but this seems like a very unlikely based on what you revealed in your first post. I think you may have to pray for them and occassionally reach out to them as best as you can. Take your feelings of frustration and injustice and put them at the foot of the cross. God bless you.


Thank you everyone.

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