Annulment & Remarriage

If a new convert (myself) from Protestantism was previously married to a person that was herself previously married to another person (ie, he was her second marriage), then he could file for an Annulment under a Prior Bond. Is this a quicker and easier process than using other evidence to prove invalidity of his marriage to her. BTW, all were baptized Protestants at the time of the weddings, if that matters. Also, the woman is a confessed believer, but does not attend any church and is not particularly religious. I would not expect that she would participate in the process, nor does it sound likely that her other former spouse would do so.

If this is the best way, how much more quickly can this be done? There is no intent to remarry immediately for me, I would just like to have it off my shoulders asap so I can move forward.

Any additional advice is welcome. Thanks

Make an appointment to talk to your local Catholic pastor. You need to lay out all the facts through a marital interview and the priest will guide you on next steps.

To pursue a Ligamen (prior bond) case, you do need the cooperation of the former spouse because you need documentation and affidavits from them.

If that cooperation is not forthcoming, then you could to pursue a formal case for decree of nullity if you have other reasons for invalidity.

First step: talk to your pastor.

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