Annulment Second Instance Question Mobile


Hello. I am in the process of annulment, and my paperwork has passed the 1st instance court. I would like to know if there is anyone on this forum that has been through the second instance tribunal at the Archdiocese of Mobile (or works there) and can tell me a ball park figure of what time it takes to go through the 2nd instance, presuming the marriage was a very long time ago, and there are no irregularities found at the first instance level. Thank you so much. This process is very unnerving, and I would like it to be completed so that I will feel whole again, and give my ex husband (currently married to another) freedom to have a valid marriage.


No, I can't with regards to Mobile, but I can for the Sacramento diocese. They told us 4 months for the second instance decision, and it was actually 3 almost to the day. Best of luck and may God give you patience during this time. Hang in there, you're almost there!


I don’t know about Mobile but I can offer you a group which you can find at the link in my signature block below. Maybe someone in that group may know. It is a slightly larger group. It is also a place where you may find some support as well during this time from those that have been through it. God bless you and good luck.


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