Annulment Started


I met with our parish priest and turned in all of the required annulment documentation on Friday. He is forwarding it to the tribunal this coming week. I wrote a 9-page essay on my childhood/courtship/marriage. That alone was quite an event. He told me that there are no promises entering the tribunal but he believes that I have a really good case based on the history of our diocese. Now starts the waiting period. It could take up to a year for a decision.

Please pray for me to be patient and accepting of whatever outcome the tribunal declares.

Thank you,



Let the healing begin, whatever the time it takes or the ultimate resolution. May God be with you on the journey.


Thy Will be done, but Lord could you please heed my request also along with yours.
You know I want to belong to your Church, this is my heart’s desire.
I will always keep my Focus on YOU.




Mine was a total of 19 pages when I printed it out. Whew, it was a lot of work! I felt about 50 lbs lighter when I turned my paperwork in. Around here the time frame is between 12 and 18 months. I have about a year to go. Let’s pray the Church makes correct and speedy determinations!


Good luck to you as well. If God wishes it to be then it will be.

God Bless,



With my prayers - Joe K.

If there are any witnesses involved, it may be profitable to check occasionally to see if they have submitted their statements.


I will pray for you. I know the annulment process can be long and stressful. The waiting part can be very hard, along with the uncertainty. Trust in the Lord. The right decision will come. Again, you are in my prayers.


One Our Father, three Hail Mary’s, and a Glory Be for your intention.


Very true. I hounded my witnesses like a terrier with a bone! People are notoriously bad at filling out and returning paperwork. Witness statements not being mailed back can cause serious delays. I waited until my Tribunal sent me a notice that my case had been accepted and then started checking on my witnesses every day until I knew they had filled out their questionnaires and sent them back. It was like herding cats!


Re following up on witnesses. Tribunals have more than enough work processing completed files. They tend not to follow up on incomplete ones.


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