Annulment - the end of the road?

I am currently attending RCIA Classes with my Husband with a hope of being received into the Catholic Church . This is the 2nd marriage for both of us .
We started the process of having our first marriages annulled in April this year . I have produced 2 witnesses, they have given their statements and I have been told that the evidence is now complete and it will progress to the next stage .
My Husband has provided 1 witness , they have given their evidence , but has been unable to provide a second witness . His first marriage was over 20 years ago, he has absolutely no contact with his first wife and has moved from the area … I am assuming now that this is the end of the road for us now, and we will not be able to be received .

I cannot put into words how upset and disappointed I am , although I do understand the Marriage is a Sacrament and that correct procedures have to be followed to the letter .
Please can anyone offer me any words of comfort or advice ?

Not being able to attain annulments would not keep either of you from being received into the Church. Not being able to locate a second witness would not necessarily mean you cannot be granted an annulment either. Go talk to the pastor of the parish where you are attending RCIA. If he is of no help, contact your diocese’s chancery.

I would encourage you to continue to talk to your advocate and the tribunal personnel. Don’t assume anything is the end of the road. Don’t assume anything until you get a formal notice from the tribunal. They have handled many cases where evidence is hard to come by, they are prepared for these things. There may be delays, but keep working with them.

Also, you can talk to your pastor about living in continence if you want to move forward with reception into the church.

These are pastoral conversations that need to happen, not necessarily advice from the peanut gallery here on CAF. You are going to get a lot of advice, not all of it accurate.


Yes and no. An irregular marriage situation is an impediment to receiving additional sacraments. It does need to be dealt with pastorally before a decision is made regarding reception into the Church and administration of the sacraments.

Talk to your advocate. If you don’t have an advocate, call your tribunal. Don’t assume that the mere lack of one witness means that the decree is denied. This happens frequently and decrees can still be issued. Don’t assume anything until you receive a grant or denial from the tribunal. Your advocate should be able to check on the status of the matters.


Thank you all so much for your replies . This has given me hope !

God knows what is in my heart , I am totally committed and have placed it in his hands .
Thanks Be to God !

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Thank you all for your replies .

We have spoken to the diocese office . They have told us that 2 witnesses each would make our case stronger , but if we cannot find another one , the case can still progress to the next stage .

I am giving this to God and I trust him always .
Thank you so much everyone !

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psst… the pastoral solution @1ke mentioned is an example of “dealing with it pastorally” so that reception into the Church may proceed…! :wink:

Only if the couple agrees to the solution. The pastor wouldn’t likely proceed if there was danger of the Catholic falling away if annulment isn’t granted or he doubted the ability to live in continence short or long term, of danger of scandal existed, etc.

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Of course.

I was responding to @Duesenberg’s seeming assertion that the ‘pastoral solution’ would still not allow the couple to be received into the Church, including the reception of sacraments.

Praying for y’all.

Thank you so much everybody ! I feel much more hopeful now

IF it were me I would go talk to local Bishop…Things are a little different now…Don’t give up. Don’t give up, we need Catholics…you should see some of the Catholic Churches in the Portland area wow. So if you don’t like the answer that Bishop keep going over his head and other dioceses.

Thank you . We have been told that the case is now progressing to the next stage. I have placed it in the Lords hands and am trusting in Him completely .


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