Annulment update


Well, I thought that I would post an update here on the forums for those whom I’ve gotten to know. I got a first instance affirmative decision on my petition for a declaration of nullity. I first put in the paperwork in September, so it took about 10 months to get to this point. It still needs to go to San Francisco for the second instance. I had just reached the point where I wasn’t checking my mailbox or even really thinking about anymore. Funny how that works.


I’m so happy for you dulcissima~I know it’s only halfway done, but this is still very good news. I pray everything continues to go well for you. How are you feeling about it?


Congratulations. I know the feeling.


Awesome news!


I’m happy for you.


Good news! One down, one to go.


I am not feeling anything about it. I already knew. A few months ago I was anxious about it and impatient, but I had just reached this period of being at peace. That hasn’t changed.


Dulcissima, that’s wonderful news! Thanks be to God!

My first instance took just a little longer, and the second took 3 months. I had also totally stopped fretting and checking my mailbox when the envelope showed up out of the blue. Maybe it’s a special blessing for petitioners.


And now you know.

You are a good deal closer than half way through as the second instance is not a full review, they basically certify that the first instance did its job appropriately.

Like you, it wasn’t until I stopped looking for a decision and came to peace that it would be what it would be that the decision arrived. (Of course, that decision took three years in coming . . .)


Praise to God for this first affirmation and prayers for the speedy arrival of the second.


Happy for you - now on to the next level…:slight_smile:


I am happy for you. It is wonderful news.


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