Annulment update


Praise Jesus!
As I posted last week, DH and I were having major spiritual attacks because after months and months we fell into temptation and had intercourse :frowning:
we confessed, and I called the TRibunal, they said they had lostthe paper work and it would take an additional 4-8 weeks to finalize! I was so hurt because we had already rented a hall and had to cancel, PLUS we have been abstaining for so long I was so dishardened. We did fall into sin, but confessessed no longer then 24 hours sense and have not slipped sense–

Well, I did a St Anne novena asking for her intercession in quickening my annulment because I felt I was going into such despair, and with in 9 days I recieved my FINAL DECREE!!! We are free to marry in the church!!! :extrahappy:

We receved it yesterday and today we went to an all day marriage seminar and spoke with the priest, we are meeting again this week, and should be married by Christmas!! Praise Jesus! Thnk you Jesus and St Anne! Then to top it all off, I think I might be pregnant! That first slip up in month and months ( after being told I am possibly infertile ) I may have conceived that night!! and then on top of that–at the moment ( this week ) when I finally surrendeed all my suffering to jesus and asked him to pour His Precious Blood on my futire marriage vows, and that to do with my annulment as He would, not as I would…it came. only 4 days later. And the day I prayed those words, is the date on the annulment that they decided it was invalid. God is great. He works in mysterious ways. in my suffering, He drew me colser to him. I love our religion

In Christ,


I’m so glad that everything has worked out for you! :slight_smile:


Congratulations and Praise God!

I’m so happy for you! I know it’s often very difficult and very painful to get an annulment, and I admire your perseverance (as well as your desire to be faithful to the Church’s teachings on it).


Nicole, that is such great news!! You are a wonderful testimony of the faith – your steadfastness has been personally inspiring for me to follow. Congratulations, and good luck to you both! Oh, and congrats on your pregnancy! :slight_smile:


I am so happy for you. Yours is a truely inspiring story.


My fellow NHite-

God Bless You!


How beautiful! After long waiting, God is pouring out His graces on both of you. And we see that He is able to bring good even out of our sins and failings, if we are willing to keep repenting as often as it takes, and getting up again, and following Him.

You are very blessed.

Of course, you probably have a lot of sympathy for Jacob and Rachel right now, seeing as this took so long… :slight_smile:


Congratulations on both counts - your Decree of Nullity and possible pregnancy!

Thank you for sharing your story.

Brenda V.

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