Annulment update


Just wanted to share what’s been going on with my annulment process.

A couple of months ago I met with the priest in charge of the Tribunal office in my diocese and I gave him my paperwork. I set this appointment and traveled all that way because I wanted to explain the situation, it was too hard to write it down and have it make sense. I made sure he also knew that I didn’t have a divorce decree yet as I explained what had happened.

He explained to me that it sounded like the marriage was never valid, and that he would be requesting my marriage file from the church where we’d gotten married to read the interview questions/answers. He also said, like many here had informed me, that if that was the case then it was merely a paperwork issue:extrahappy:. I was so relieved to hear that:clapping:, he said it wouldn’t be the same process as a typical annulment case cause he was not free to marry in the first place.

He said that the the steps would be the request of my marriage file, then they would ask permission from the diocese where we married for my diocese to follow through with the annulment request, once permission was received they would send him a letter stating that I was seeking the annulment and then they would request the annulment file from the diocese in California where he started the annulment process.

I, of course, thought none of this would start until I had a divorce decree, because the priest told me that they had to wait to have that first. So imagine my surprise when my son-to-be ex husband asked me what I wanted him to do with the annulment papers he had received:eek:. I told him that I didn’t care what he did with them, he could fill them out, burn them, throw them away, etc., he sounded surprised that he had received them:rolleyes:, whatever!!!

Then about a day later I went to my mailbox and got a letter from the diocese, an update on their investigation. According to our marriage file he answered “no” to the “have you ever been married” question:eek:, yet when they looked at our marriage license it said that he had, in fact, been married, they also mention that they don’t understand how the priest missed this:confused:. They wrote that the next step was requesting the annulment file that is in California:thumbsup:!!!

I am still in shock (and very happy) since I don’t have a divorce decree yet and the process has started and is moving forward. I wonder if it’s because they could see from the get go that the marriage shouldn’t have taken place to begin with:shrug:. What do you all think?


Don’t know much about annulments but it was interesting to read what happened in your case so far. I wonder why your 'soon to be ex husband" put “never married before” when he had? Do you know anything about his previous marriage?

Clerical errors happen too I suppose?


Well, I don’t know much about the annulment process, so I can’t comment on that. But I’m glad things are going well for you. You sound so much better than when you first posted about your marriage problems. God truly does take care of us in the bad times, doesn’t He? :wink:


Because he’s a LIAR:D!!! He started the annulment process in California, so he knew that if he said he had been married the priest would have asked for the decree of nullity before he married us, and since he didn’t have it he lied:mad:.

He is a pathological liar, so much so that he BELIEVES his own lies, I learned this while living with him. He lies about little, insignificant things as much as he lies about big things, whatever will get him what he wants when he wants it:shrug:, at the time he wanted me and he knew that I wouldn’t be with him unless we were married in the church. Don’t ask me why, I still don’t understand why he did it since he never intended to live a married life…makes no sense to me, I’ve stopped trying to understand, it was only making me crazy. I really don’t care anymore either, I just don’t want anything to do with him again, if only that were possible:shrug:.


Yes He does, all glory to God for having gotten me through some of darkest days of my life:bowdown2: :signofcross:. I also know that it was the prayers of people here at CAF that helped get me through also, thank you all so much for that!!!


I’m so glad it’s moving forward for you! Prayers for you!


Never mind the priest (although obviously he was an idiot, or temporarily insane) - how did you miss it? :confused: :shrug:


We were interviewed separately, I answered all my questions truthfully, I didn’t know what he was asked or what he answered:shrug:I have never seen our marriage file. When I asked him about the annulment decree he said it was taken care of, I didn’t think to question or verify:o, that was my fault, I was too excited planning a wedding I guess:o.


Oh, I see. What a mess!

Oh, well - it’s all over now, and I guess in this situation, there is no way to not get a Declaration of Nullity, is there? Since he was technically still married at the time of the wedding, without any proof yet that he wasn’t. (In other words, he thought he was double-timing you, even if it turns out that he wasn’t, really.)

God-speed on the divorce; I think you are well rid of this guy.


God does good work, huh?

The next part might take a little bit longer (2-3 months), but this is indeed a mighty good start. :dancing:


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