annulment woes

Well, i was told by the tribunal to get an annulment to my ex I need the marriage license and certificate and divorce decree and baptism. Well, sounds easy enough EXCEPT I got married in Italy, I dont speak italian, I dont know the name of where we got married or the address as my spouse was the one who spoke italian. My ex is emotionally abusive and i had a restraining order on him so I have no contact with him yet they want his address. In order for me to get the info about italy to have some chance to get an annulment I must contact him and see if he can help me?! If he can’t than I am screwed and still connected forever in God’s eyes to an emotionally abusive man who took advantage of me a nieve American. Well, wish me luck because I dont have high hopes.

You have your baptism certificate right, or can get that?

You have the divorce decree?

Perhaps through the divorce decree you can track where you married?

Have you tried the Italian consulate? That should help with the marriage certificate and hopefully some other stuff too.

May God bless your endeavor.

Baptismal certificate will have the church’s name, address, and who officiated.
Maybe the American Consulate in Italy would be able to help track down the other information?

Ask someone in the chancery tribunal. There may be other documentation they’ll accept.

If he won’t cooperate that is not your fault.

Your priest or the Tribunal can give you information when you tell them of your concerns.

May the peace of the Lord be with you…I will say a prayer for you.

In Jesus and Mary,


Were you married in a Catholic Church, after proper marriage preparation? A Catholic parish would have contacted your baptismal parish. Do you at least know the city?

“US Embassy and Consulates in Italy: Obtaining vital records”

I was married in Rome in a church but it was a justice of the peace ceremony. I remember the place where we went for the marriage license and documents and it was crazy confusing place like most places in Rome, no organization and no one speaks english. ALso, they want the address of my ex. I havnt been in contact with him for some time and only know the state he lives in. I have a spiritual director who is a priest. I will talk to him about all of this. Thanks everyone for your support!

I’m having a hard time making sense of this, sorry. There are a huge number of Catholic Churches in Rome, but I can’t imagine a justice of the peace marriage ceremony in one of them, unless it was purely surreptitious. You mean you got permission from a Catholic Church to do this ??? Again, I can’t imagine that would happen. Otherwise, there are VERY few non-Catholic churches in Rome–a tiny number in fact. If it was a non-Catholic Church, do you at least remember the denomination? If so, it will be fairly easy to trace.

Sorry, but I’m having a hard time thinking that an adult getting married would not know the basics of where it took place. Where did you stay? How did you get there? Did you consult a map? You must have had an agreement with someone to conduct the service and arrange for the place. Did you pay the person who provided the ceremony? Do you have a receipt?

Yes, Rome is confusing but not that confusing, and nearly everyone speaks excellent English. Are you sure it was in a church? If it were only in a municipal office that might explain some of the confusion.

Again, just trying to wrap my mind around this one. Hope you weren’t married in some way against your will.

If you were Catholic and married in a civil ceremony without a dispensation, then the Church does not consider that marriage to be valid. It is a relatively simple “lack of form” case for the marriage tribunal. Your pastor and spiritual director can help you.

Right, but the lack of form still needs proper documentation, as the OP is discussing.

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