When I was 12 my father had his marriage annuled because he was dating a Catholic woman. Does that make me ilegitimate ?
I really do not care because I do not judge people for their parents sins. Just curious.

an annulment does not make children illegitimate. they are legal - in the eyes of the law.


Can. 1137 The children conceived or born of a valid or putative marriage are legitimate.

A “putative marriage” is one that was entered into in good faith by at least one party, but that is later determined to be invalid. Your father had a putative marriage which later received a declaration of nullity.

Legitimacy was a civil designation of governments to determine inheritance rights. Since annulment is an ecclesiastical determination, it has no effect on the secular state since the marriage was putatively valid at the time.
Also, note that every human being is legitimate in God’s eyes.

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