Annulments and Eucharist


I am a protestant Christian. Sadly, I have been married three times. My first two marriages both ended with my wives filing for divorce because they wanted to be with someone else. There was no infidelity during the marriage. Now, after many years of studying the early church and with increasing disappointment with the state of Evangelical Protestant Christianity, I desire to become Catholic.

As one of the most important reasons for my desire to become Catholic is to take the true Eucharist, what, if any thing, can I do to to ensure that once I become Catholic through RICA I will be able to join in the Eucharist?

My wife, was Catholic where she was born and raised - Nicaragua - but left the Catholic church 25 years ago and become "Evangelical Christian." She was married once before. She divorced her husband due to his infidelity and 14 years of abuse. She is not ready to return to the Catholic church - says she never will.....but I have hope. Thanks for any thoughts.


The first thing you will need to do is sit down with a priest and give him all the information on all of your marriages and all of hers and start the tribunal process of examining the prior marriages.

There are many variables, and your prior marriages, her prior marriage, her status as a Catholic, and her current situation of having rejected the Church make this a complex case.

You need to take things one step at a time.


I wish you luck on your journey. Please know that you are always welcome to attend mass regardless of your status. Also we have a group that you may find helpful - you may click on my link below. God bless you.


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