Annulments and RCIA


Can anyone clarify this for me? I spoke with the RCIA person at the Parish I’ve been attending and she told me that she thinks I can’t be allowed to become Catholic even after RCIA until I get a decision on my annulment, which I haven’t even started yet!?

I’ve never heard or read that? Anyone? Thanks. BTW the priest called and left a message a week ago saying he’d call again, but he didn’t. That’s disappointing, but oh well. :frowning:


Did you see this thread? Don’t wait on a call back. Call again. Your situation may be different. Once you have a statement, you can check it out, here.


This was the first question I asked at RCIA… can a divorced man become a Catholic? The answer is YES! Annulments only matter if you plan to “re-marry.” But you can proceed through RCIA and receive the sacraments of initiation regardless! And my personal opinion (FWIW)… do so!


No, I hadn’t seen that thread, thanks.

Oh I will definately call again, I just felt a little forgotten :slight_smile:
I mean, I’ll see him at Mass, so I can always tell him who I am after.

I just hadn’t thought about the two things being connected in any way.


Call or schedule a meeting with your priest. He is too busy after Mass greeting people and won’t be able to give you the attention you need. Just a suggestion…


Also- DREs and RCIA instructors are hard-worked people who don’t always get it right. Feel free, if after having talked to the RCIA person and the priest, to call the diocese. Start at the chancery or office of chrisitan life.


Hmmm. Well, when I went to RCIA, I was divorced with no firm plans to remarry, but the priest was sure insistant that I go throught the annulment proceedure prior to becoming Catholic. So I would check on this. It may have been more of a precaution.

Yes. Please check on the answer you get. I’ve read here on the boards how some people are surprised later on. They were not happy.

Exactly! It’s fine to introduce yourself, but call the office and set up an appointment, separately. If it’s like our parish, there are communion ministers waiting in the back for him to come back to them, and you don’t want to inconvenience them, too.


Oh, I wasn’t suggesting I would get into some big discussion with him after Mass, I just meant I’d introduce myself so he could put a face with a name. He’s seen me at Stations of the Cross, and Mass, so that’s just polite I think…:slight_smile:


We strongly urge those entering RCIA to apply for a decree or decrees of nullity as appropriate. It is important that they know what their status is.

However, if they are not in a relationship, have no intention of entering a relationship, and clearly understand that the Church regards them as still married, then they may proceed to receive the sacraments.

The problem is to ensure that they clearly understand Church teaching and intend to adhere to it; lest we leave them in a worse state than they started.


Well, that is helpful, and now I think I understand.

Still haven’t talked to the priest. I feel funny that he hasn’t called…I did visit another church last week and it’s closer to my home, maybe I should try there…


I wouldn’t keep waiting for him to contact you. :slight_smile: I’m certain that he is a very busy man and perhaps you just need to call the office and make an appointment with him. :slight_smile:

Peace to you! :slight_smile:


Yes, I’m sure he is busy, and I don’t mind that, it’s just that since I don’t really know too much about Catholic protocol I want to make sure I’m ‘in order’ with what I do…

It’s just that the secretary had intimated that myself and one other person were interested in RCIA and that they might start a class now with just us. So I’m unsure if that’s best or waiting til fall…:o


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