So an annulment by definition means the sacrament never took place. Theoretically if a husband and wife were annulled could ever be undone or would they have to have a new ceremony?

“Annulment is the procedure, governed by the Church’s canon law, which determines the marriage to be void at its inception (ab initio). A “Declaration of Nullity” is not the dissolution of an existing marriage, but rather a determination that the sacrament was never in fact conferred due to a failure to meet the requirements to enter validly into matrimony and thus a marriage never existed.”

Q. 5. What are the reasons needed to obtain an Annulments?

For example, if a person was forced to marry, or is underage, or is marrying another person who is already married but kept it a secret (etc) then that person can get an annulment.

If a couple is bounded by the Sacrament of marriage, then they can never marry another person in the Catholic Church, unless one of them dies.

I have never heard of an annulment being reversed, ever.

I assume that you are asking about a couple who had a decree of nullity who later wanted to (re)marry. That could be difficult depending on the reasons for the decree. I would guess that they could marry in the Church only if they could satisfy the Church that the obstacles to marriage no longer existed.

An annulment means that the prior marriage wasn’t valid and therefore doesn’t stand in the way of a couple getting (re)married. My only hesitation is being more careful about who I hang out with. I don’t want to go through that again.

If, theoretically, a couple who was married, divorced and annulled wanted to get remarried (and to get married validly this time), they would have to demonstrate that the grounds for the annulment were no longer in place, and then they would have to go through the Catholic ceremony again.


Yeah, I can see a priest being hesitant about it, but I cannot see anything that would stand in the way from a canon law perspective. People do go through conversions. I know a couple who divorced and remarried each other. Now they are totally committed to the faith and each other. I don’t think they ever got an annulment, though.

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