Can someone direct me to a website or a book that can guide me through the Annulment process? I found different information and rules depending on the archdiocese I accessed.

I belong to the New York Archdiocese.



The book Annulment, The Wedding That Was by Michael Smith Foster is a **great **book to help you understand what a decree of nullity is and what it isn’t, and the general process.

Only the diocese in which you reside can give you specific information about how they handle the process in their diocese. You should sit down with your priest and discuss your situation with him.


consult the canon law tribunal of the New York Archdiocese, contact info should be on their website. your pastor or someone he delegates should personally help you initiate the process and guide you through it. the book referenced above is extremely helpful. the only info I would add is that you may file for annulment in the diocese in which you now reside, or where the marriage was contracted, or possibly where either party resided at the time of the marriage. It would be worth asking the tribunal if there is any advantage to filing in another diocese. Sometimes because of volume of cases and available resources, the investigation might proceed faster in another diocese.

you will find a lot of discussion on this topic, with good refrences and links, on the liturgy and sacraments forum.


However: The actual case may be brought in up to any of three places:
*]The diocese where one party resides
*]The diocese where the other party resides
*]The diocese where the putative marriage took place
(Of course, if any of these are conicident, it lessens the number of possible venues)

I was once acquainted with a woman who pursued annulment in the diocese of the marriage, even though neither she nor her ex still resided there, because it was a relatively small diocese with fewer cases in general and she had been advised the process might be quickest there.


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