Anointing and quarantine

I was reading about this superbug thats immune to anti-biotic. I am wondering what would a priest do if one is infected with a highly communicable disease and is quarantined. How would the priest anoint such person? Can he anoint while using gloves?

The Code of Canon Law says:

1000.2. The minister is to perform the anointings with his own hand, unless a grave reason warrants the use of an instrument.

The priest could wear gloves (if he has to) but the gloves themselves wouldn’t be used for the anointing. The way we were taught to do it in the seminary would be to use a cotton-ball or even a cotton swab (the brand name starts with a Q—) for the oil itself. After the anointing, the cotton is burned.

Thanks Father David. How about the Eucharist? Or if the person is able have him receive CITH? You’d still be probably wearing a glove, right?

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