Anointing of the Sick, Efficacy?

When a person in a coma on life support receives the Anointing of the Sick, are their sins forgiven if they are taken off of life support and die without awakening?


It has been said that the last sense a person has even when in a coma is their hearing. So as the priest confers the Sacrament of the Sick even to a comatose person, we can hope that they will be hearing the words of the forgiveness of their sins as well.

As a nurse, I have seen miracles occur after this sacrament is given. Believe!

The person who stimulated me to ask was taken off of life support and died. Before they unplugged her our pastor anointed her and she who had been baptized Catholic and lived as a protestant was brought back into the Church, a desire she expressed by entering RCIA before having a the stroke.

I am one of those miracles stbruno spoke of. Had a major heart atack in California, was anointed in the emergency room. Doctors said there was nothing they could do. My kidneys and liver quit, my stomach lining started to die and bleed, I was unconscious. They put me on a ventilator. My family asked Fr. Solanus Casey to intercede for me while they were planning my funeral. That was in September of 2003. Over the next month most of the damage including a heart valve reversed itself. They put in a pacemaker and today I am more active than I was before the attack. Praise God for his providence and mercy.

Wow! What testimonies! Miracles, indeed!

My poppy (grandfather) was in multi-system organ failure when I called the priest. Any of y’all that know my story know that I am the only Catholic in my family. I had been secretly telling poppy about The Faith, mostly the promise of the Eucharist. He agreed with me but if you only knew how anti-catholic my grandmother is!
So he had been unconscious for about 2 days when his breathing became labored on Christmas at 4am. The priest, who was aware that I was teaching him in secret, came over and gave him all the sacraments (that applied). After confession, confirmation, then Holy Communion (the smallest piece of the Host in his mouth) he woke up and for the first time in a week was fully cognitive!
I’ll keep his last conversation to myself, but he died six hours later. Now I have a grandfather who is a saint in Heaven.
By the way, the grandmother thought Father was just giving him a blessing. He was, and how!

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