Anointing of the Sick


Here is the situation, my dad is not doing well health wise. I would like for him to receive the sacrament of anointing of the sick. However, he doesn’t want it. He is getting a little senile, so not sure if that is part of the reason he doesn’t want it. He received it years ago, but I think it would be beneficial for him to receive it again.

Has anyone been in this situation. I will probably call to speak with my parish priest and see what he thinks.


The Church teaches that The Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick forgives sins for those who are unconscious and unable to confess them. However, this is not it's principal effect.


Definitely consult your priest. I’m concerned that he doesn’t want it. Perhaps a visit from the priest or deacon is just what the doctor ordered.

Will pray for you and him.


Many elderly people still associate the Anointing of the sick with dying. Perhaps a visit from a priest just to talk first might convince him that it is for the seriously ill as well. I am in a similar situation with my mom but I think I may have her convinced to gat anointed.


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