Anointing of the sick


Can someone please tell me if a Physically Disabled person wheelchair user suffering from chronic pain can go to a Healing of The Sick Mass and be anointed - Anointing of the Sick. Thank you.


It seems to me that would qualify as a serious infirmity. They could contact their parish priest or diocese and find out for sure.


I would think so. Our parish priest has commented in the past that not enough people who are ill receive the sacrament of the sick. He has encouraged those who are ill to receive the sacrament in order to be strengthened in their endurance of illness.

Further, from Catholic Update - Anointing the Sick: A Parish Sacrament

The Second Vatican Council placed the sacrament once again in the context of mutual prayer and concern described in the Epistle of James. Anointing "is not a sacrament for those only who are at the point of death" (Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy, #73) but is intended for all those who are seriously ill. Consequently, what we formerly called "Extreme Unction" is now more properly called "The Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick" (see #73).


I would say Yes, without a doubt. I see you're in UK some where. I'm in the USA and in my area I don't think there has been a healing Mass since the 1990's. There was only 1 priest who believed he had the special anointing to heal the sick. I went to his masses several times. Then I heard he had passed away at a young age, and I never heard of any Healing Masses again. But if there are Healing Masses in your area go, by all means.


I have received the Sacrament of the sick three times now, all of them in hospital recovering from a serious illness. But I have a disability and am on 24 hour oxygen and in constant pain as you are so I am sure you qualify. I have never had a religious experience in my life but am sure of the sacrament’s efficacy based on my Hope in the promises of Christ. May He love you and bless you in your illness.


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