Anoiting of the Sick


I wish to understand more about this area, i know that only the priest can perform this sacrament and does this sacrament applies only to Catholic?? Can a non believer walk into a RC and request for such sacrament without becoming a Catholic??


This is from Catholic answers. Hope it answers your question.


The RCC is not the only church who performs this sacrament. Non catholics can not receive this sacrament in a catholic church. They have to go to their own church for this.


As an Orthodox Catholic we do and have done Moliebens (anointing of the sick) many times for non Orthodox. It is a sevice for the healing of the sick. One time we had one for a Mother Superior from the Nuns of the Good Sheperd. She was suffering from cancer and we held a few services for her and annointed her with oil. She even said she felt better after the service for quite some time. But her sickness did get worse and she did fall asleep in the Lord and a few of us along with our Priest and Matushka attended her funeral at the mother house. Another example is my wife who is now in final stages of cancer did have a healing service a couple of years ago performed by the same priest. She appreciated it and was grateful in having it done. I also read prayers over her and I also anoint her with holy oil.


Maybe the Othodox church is different than the Roman Catholic church, because the priest at the RCC I attend told me that he could not perform that sacrament on me, because I am not catholic.


Well you are more than welcome to confer with an Orthodox priest and request this service.

Our present priest came to the hospital and performed this service for my wife who is RC and he didnt seem to mind that she wasnt Orthodox.

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