Anone see the "Vianney" play?

Did anyone else see the play Vianney? (by St Luke Productions, performed by Leonardo Defilippis)

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It came to our town and I saw it last night. I thought it was good, but Defilippis’ portrayel of the Cure of Ars was a little whiney for me. When I read writings of John Vianney, I hear more optimism than what was portrayed. My only other complaint was that it was a little too loud and the acoustics in the church were not the best.

But overall it is worth attending.

John Marie Philomena

No, I probably wont get to see it at all. It is not coming within 100 km of where I live. I would love to see it though, and if it is ever broadcast on TV, I will be jumping with joy! :smiley:

Here is a bit more about the play, from a review of it published in the DFW Catholic:

The production opens with a flash of lightening, the ominous presence of the devil, and the chaos of the French Revolution. We meet the boy Jean Marie Vianney, who is inspired to become a priest himself by the courage of a fugitive priest who takes refuge from the authorities in the boy’s home, and is later executed by the guillotine. Defilippis portrays a bumbling shepherd, with little academic abilities who perseveres towards his goal overcoming many obstacles. The play is filled with comic moments, as well as many touching scenes, and when the newly ordained Vianney enters the apathetic and corrupt village of Ars, the drama intensifies. Defilippis challenges the audience with the actual sermons of Vianney, and eventually we see the town miraculously transformed into a haven of Christian values. The drama is intense, as Vianney battles the physical presence of the devil, who attacks him nightly in his bedroom. Probably the most moving scenes are those where we hear the intimate confessions of the townspeople, and experience their conversions.

Through an innovative use of multimedia projections, other characters enter the stage and combine the realism of film with the intimacy and personal connection of live theater. “I think we are the first to incorporate this technology in a live dramatic production,” says Defilippis’s wife Patti, who also directed the drama. “Today’s audiences are so visual – they relate to visual media more than to the spoken word. Yet theater cannot be beat as a means for personally connecting with audiences. We are excited to engage young audiences particularly with this stimulating concept of interaction between stage and screen.”

The review mentions that the play seems to encourage young people considering vocations.

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