Another agency tells Congress: File not found [EPA Lost email]


Don’t you just hate copycats?

From The Hill:

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the IRS share a problem: officials say they cannot provide the emails a congressional committee has requested because an employee’s hard drive crashed.

EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy confirmed to the House Oversight Committee Wednesday that her staff is unable to provide lawmakers all of the documents they have requested on the proposed Pebble Mine in Alaska, because of a 2010 computer crash.

“We’re having trouble getting the data off of it and we’re trying other sources to actually supplement that,” McCarthy said. “We’re challenged in figuring out where those small failures might have occurred and what caused them occur, but we’ve produced a lot of information.”

The revelation came less than two weeks after IRS officials told Congress that Lois Lerner, the official at the center of the controversy over the targeting of conservative tax-exempt groups, also suffered from a hard drive crash that makes it difficult to comply with records requests.

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I personally think that the Regime is playing with Congress right now. I’ll know for sure if a third agency uses that excuse.


The governments computer systems just need enhancements. Clearly they’re working with outdated equipment so if anyone has issue with computer crashes or lost emails it’s going to cost money.


When you live under a dictatorship you have to expect these things.



And the EPA also cancelled their email back up service?

And Pres. Obama is mad?


What is up with our government? They can’t find their emails and I can’t get rid of mine. I have more than 4000 emails since Microsoft messed up my Office 365 renewal last month. Can’t they just do a search for terms like “conservative” or “targeted”?


Your government is behaving like a third world country. If things don’t turn around Venezuela is your future, you will be lucky to stop the slide at the level of Argentina.


He hasn’t read about it in the papers yet.


Many fear that is the intent of this administration and its increasingly compliant and left-leaning political party. It wasn’t so very long ago that the U.S. had the ability and determination to defend other nations from invasion. Now, it doesn’t even defend itself.


But we are not talking about defending the ramparts from invaders; the discussion is about government bureaucrats behaving in a manner that promote their own agenda or the political party in power agenda while ignoring it’s allege reason for existing which is to serve the general public. They are behaving like genuine mandarins of a Chinese Empire.

The country was blessed in the past with enough people with spines who would say no to unethical, illicit and immoral if not outright illegal abuse of power. Not anymore.


You would think that they would regularly back up there data and then this lost data could be found on one of the back ups.

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