Another Ask-A-Pagan thread

Its been a bit sense ive seen one of these threads so I figured I would throw it up again to see if anyone has questions. I am myself a former catholic now turned Germanic Pagan, but I have a pretty broad knowledge of the whole Neo-Pagan/Reconstructionist movement.

So, if people have any questions they would like to ask or things they would like to discuss feel free to post or PM me. And if by chance there is other pagan folk out there please feel welcome to join in, paganism is a remarkably diverse group.

Why? You left the Catholic Church - which has the Body Blood Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ…what was missing or lacking?

so are the pagan ceremonies – more exciting than the roman catholic ceremonies?

we are all aware that the homilies can be boring…

but hey – our bread and wind turn into – flesh and blood

how cool is that??

just like magic

:highprayer: :harp: and :heaven: …what more could you ever want? :rolleyes:

Pagan hugh?.. Really???
An ask-a-pagan thread…Lets see… What shall I ask?.. hmm… Can’t come up with anything, and I was so looking forward to asking a pagan something… NOT!:shrug:

There is a reason that some on this thread are hostile to you and your offer to dispense information.

Unlike other posters who are lifelong practitioners of Pagan worship, you do not come here without your own deeply held opinions about the Catholic faith that you practiced at one time. Your status as an Ex-Catholic brings a certain level of unease to the entire conversation. It is likely that most people who read this will decide that you have decided to come to this forum to explain the errors of their ways.

It’s going to be difficult for many to discuss the nature of your beliefs without being seen as someone who is out to prove practicing Catholics wrong.

I’m not saying that I think that you are here to proselytize Catholics but some may view your presence and your desire to share a Pagan insight or theology as an attempt to lure them away from the faith.

Do you actually believe in/worship pagan gods or is it more of a cultural/fantasy thing? I only ask because your profile picture is of the actor that played Aragorn and the quote at the bottom of your post is from Robert E. Howard. I’ve met other guys who called themselves pagan and said they worshipped Thor or Odin or whatever but mostly they just thought the persona and the tattoos or whatever were cool or tough. They also love the Renaissance Faire (which always seemed anachronistic for the Renaissance period but that’s another topic.)

What about Germanic paganism do you find superior or more sufficient than Christianity? I believe there were good reasons that the old paganism faded away and Germany/Europe/The World was better for it.

In all charity I will pray to the Virgin Mother of God, Our Blessed Lady Mary Full of Grace and to Saint Boniface that they might pray for you to Our Lord Jesus Christ the Only Begotten Son of God that He might have mercy and that you would turn away from your apostasy and embrace your birthright and realize the gift of His Holy Cross and the hope of His Resurrection. Come home dear brother, the Father is patiently waiting…

In short, i came to the conclusion Jesus was not divine.

I guess that would depend on the particular pagan group. Wiccans, Celtic pagans, Druids, Asatru, Hellenistic and Roman style pagans all have different ceremonies.

But most of the Germanic rituals involve drinking, and tend to be pretty lively.

That said I didnt leave catholicism because mass can be boring, and honestly im not huge on magic, which is why I left Wicca. I wouldn’t personally use magic unless i couldn’t protect myself with physical means. And while mass can be boring at times, i actually realy liked my hometowns old priest, and i do appreciate the beauty and complexity that can be found in Catholicism and Orthodoxy.

haha, Valhalla :smiley:

I see the trolls have come out from under the bridge

There are quite a few folks like that, and I am a avid romantic myself, but that is not necessarily why I’m a pagan. I came to the conclusion of soft-polytheism after alot of though, and afterwards chose the traditional Germanic pantheon because im of southern German ancestry. I do fully believe in them, but I do not find it exclusive to other dietys. I chose my gods based apon my ancestry, but my underlying belief (polytheism) is a philosophical position i reached after long though and quite a bit of wide reading. I was a pagan before i was a “Germanic” pagan.

The reason I left Christianity is because i came to the conclusion that Jesus was not divine. Im not pagan because i read some compare and contrast sheet between it and Christianity and liked it better, but because I believe polytheism is correct. Not that everyone should necessarily worship multiple gods, but that there is more than one god. As for the reasons that Christianity rose to dominance in Europe, im a history major and have read pretty heavily into that area, coming to the conclusion it was mostly by political means. The Edict of Milan was effectively thrown away by Christians after Constantine’s death. That said, that issue is just asking for a flame war.

And lastly, many thanks for your prayers. Regardless of what diety it is to I would never turn down prayers for well being. :slight_smile:

I’m sorry. Honestly, I couldn’t think of a single thing to ask… Still thinking though. In the mean-time I will pray. After reading your last post it is evedent that you have spent alot of time pondering your thoughts. I apologize if my comments were offensive. I do have a question for you… Will you pray to the One True God, Because thats the one I will pray to for you.
May you find peace on your journey, and may your journey lead you home.

Haha, ok, sorry if i offended you, these sort of threads just tend to be a troll breading ground sometimes.

If you had to boil paganism down to one core belief, what would it be?

I’d be interested to hear how you came to that conclusion?

Just out of curiosity, how old were you at that time?

Thats actually a very good question, Paganism is such a broad category, Covering so many different people, beliefs, and time periods, that im actually going to give 2 answers.

For paganism as a whole i guess you could say its “Be one with nature” or “Know your place in the universe”.

For my particular branch it would be something along the lines of “Live a honorable life, as best you can, being a credit to ones people and ones ancestors.”

Thank you.

Can you explain the difference between a pagan and an agnostic or atheist?

I was agnostic for a while in my youth, but i definitively came to that conclusion when i was about 16. Sense then I have actually wondered if i was just young but have revisited it a couple times and found nothing to change my conclusion.

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