Another bad sign for America's middle class


You don’t have to be an economic victim of the Great Recession to know that America’s middle class is being squeezed in an unprecedented manner. Not only is the U.S. middle class no longer the world’s richest, according to recent research, but millions of families who were once financially secure are now living hand-to-mouth.

What’s going on? A new report from the National Employment Law Project finds that, nearly five years after the recession officially ended, most of the jobs that have been created during the recovery offer lower wages. Such positions made up 22 percent of jobs lost in the recession, but have accounted for 44 percent of employment growth.

I think we are well on our way to a two-class society.

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Whats going on?-The people elected Barack Obama-twice.


You only just figured this out???


No, I knew it several decades ago.

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Of course that is what income redistribution and Govt interference always leads to-the poor get poorer and the middle class gets squeezed.


it’s that “hopey/changey” thing. :wink:


And it’s gotten a lot worse a lot faster under this administration. Time to wake up to reality and how the economy works rather than fighting it.


If you think this erosion of the middle class began with the election of Obama, you haven’t been paying much attention!


You are correct. But he is the man in charge now, and his policies are failing.


Yes, you are exactly correct. This administration’s plans are failing because they are intended to fail while the plan is to put the blame on others.


Yeah. The super-liberal policies of Canada seems to have fostered a climate of economic growth for the middle class in Canada, while similar measures are constantly attacked in the House down here in the US.

Thanks OBAMA.


Word up, EstesBob. The Bilderbergers and the World Bank have a plan for you. Not kidding. Several years ago the World Bank said they wanted the world, yes, the world, to have to have two-income households. Great for putting the kids at maximum risk. So the social engineers dialed THAT in. Plus the IRS undersecretary under Clinton saying, “We don’t do this to collect money. We do it for social engineering.” Meaning? Earned Income Tax Credit, for example, pays bonus cash for getting daddy outa da house. Why? Because welfare programs that gave a bounty on dad-free households proved that this created more customers for government social services and control, like prison populations higher from no-daddy homes. That’s GREAT for business. At least in what one Harper’s article years ago called the “Cannibal Economy” with crime and divorce spawning a society-eating socioeconomic culture. Divorce means two couches, two refrigerators…High crime means more security systems, cops, more cars to replace those that are stolen, double buying copper, water heaters, air conditioners…GREAT for the cannibals.

The historic import of the middle class has always meant “FREEEEEDOM!” So they gotta go. Good job, Screwtape. The One World Government is right on track for the oligarch elite to pull more and better strings. Bonus points for undermining the civil service system to bypass experience and shoot for emplacing Friends of Dems, the young cannibals to rule the chokepoints. God help us!


Of course, petroleum and other resource development is greatly encouraged in Canada and mightily discouraged in the U.S. Utilization of resources makes a difference.




Actually, when the middle class was the most prosperous, the marginal tax rates were the highest, and also corporations paid a much larger share of the Federal tax receipts as a percentage of total tax receipts. When government interference was the least is when the income and asset gap was the widest in our history.

So much for the idea that gov’t regulation and taxation necessarily impinges on the prosperity of the middle class.


So two classes left.
Guess which ones get to be the slaves?


This is far from surprising, I’ve seen this coming for a long time.

I am, however, surprised that so many people are blaming Presidents instead of the real crooks. The senate is dysfunctional and only bickers about meaningless things. Congress and the House of Representatives isn’t any better. Banks insure that only those who support the rich get elected by making those people the only choice.

There is a reason the Occupy Wall Street movement hasn’t been seen on the news for a long time. Banks were scared of them and used a lot of power to get the police on their side. It was horrible. :frowning:

It isn’t going to get any better no matter who is seen in power. They are only a figure head.


Stuff like defecating on police cars certainly didn’t help their cause


The problem is not the policies of one party or the other, the problem is that *all *political thought in the west and spreading throughout every corner of the world is based on an anti-Catholic school of philosophy–the so-called Enlightenment. By removing God and replacing Him with man, they turned all our thinking upside-down and inside-out. Materialism, moral relativism, and totalitarianism have been only some of the results. No longer do we strive to form a society in which the members can flourish as spiritual and material beings, instead, we form a society in which efficiency is all and the humanity of the members is ignored. This occurs on both the political left and the political right, because both derive from the same “Enlightenment.”


It has accelerated under him and will get even worse if the policies he promotes are enacted.

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