Another Birth control question...

I have been celibate for about 10 years, and do not plan on ever being married or having a sexual relationship of any kind ever again. I do not plan on ever having children.

However… I do take birth control pills to regulate the monthly “problem”, because I have always been irregular.

Is this still a sin?

Please contact the Paul VI institute …such is not necessarily the “safe-est” option for treating such --they can fill you in (I am neither a doctor nor a woman).

(PS one is not using it as a contraception and not sexually active --so certainly avoid scandal of someone thinking you are–so it is not the grave sin of contraception)

Why do you think it would be a sin?

Also, I agree with the PP that it is not necessarily wise to take it for that reason. Really, what is “irregular”? The Pill does not “regulate” your menstrual cycle, it completely displaces it. Get a second opinion, there are serious side effects with taking hormones long term.

I just always hear that any birth control whatsoever is a sin…so i just wondered . . .

Contraception is immoral.

Taking hormones for a female problem is not contraception.

Ah! That makes sense. I have always wondered about that. Thank you!

I would definitely look into Catholic options. You may not plan on having any kids, but you never know what God’s plan is for you :stuck_out_tongue:

In all seriousness, I have heard arguments made about the harmful effects of birth control but am in no position to say anything other than educate yourself.

No, it’s not.

No, this has been clarified. It’s not a sin…however, I can’t tell you it’s healthy. It messes up your hormones! But it’s not being used for contraception, therefore, it’s not a sin.

A distinction must be made here. Hormonal medications have a variety of uses. They are not intrinsically evil, rather the sinful aspect comes from intentionality.

Birth control/contraception is sinful

Hormonal regulation of medical problems is perfectly fine.

In your case their is no sinful dimension.

Awesome. Thank you everyone! Appreciate it much.

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