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My brother is a sort of fallen away Catholic.

He will go to Church sometimes but I don’t know if he believes. He doesn’t take Communion.

Honestly, I think he is poorly Catechised. I don’t think he has pull toward other religions but he doesn’t have true love of the Church either. If he mentions the Church it is usually something like “The priest drive nice cars. The Church charges to marry you.” Mostly misunderstandings like that.

I would like to get him a book. I just don’t know what kind. I just got “Catholicism and Fundalantalism” for myself, but I don’t think this is his problem. He will definetely not go to another church. I just want something that will inspire him to learn more and decrease his misunderstandings. Maybe a book about a Saint or something like that. Nothing too cutsey or too heavy.

He did come to Theology on Tap when the Bishop was speaking last year. I know my brother respects me and I think that if I give him a book, he will read it.


I just bought Kreeft’s Christianity for Modern Pagans.

It could be what you’re looking for. Its pretty theology heavy, but I was able to understand it pretty easily. Pascal and Kreeft were both pretty clear, in my opinion.


Peter Kreeft is great! Here is his website:

He has writings/articles as well as audio files. Hubby has so many on his iPod.

Here are some of my favorites:… lol, i couldn’t decide!:o Check out the site and see what you think would capture your brother’s attention.

** Maybe your bro would like that instead of a book (or in adition to a book). Also, would he ever join this wonderful forum? It played a huge part in bring me into the Church!**

**malia **


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