Another Campus Shooting, the failure of GUN FREE ZONES

A professor apparently went nuts (layman’s term) and shot and killed 3 people as well as injuring 3 others.

Here is the beginning of the initial report:

[INDENT]3 dead, 3 hurt in Ga. shooting; professor sought

By HARRY R. WEBER, Associated Press Writer – 34 mins ago
ATHENS, Ga. – Three people were killed Saturday at a community theater near the University of Georgia, and authorities were searching for a marketing professor in the shooting deaths.

Athens-Clarke County Police Maj. Mike Shockley said authorities were called to the theater about a couple of miles from campus about 12:30 p.m. and found three adults slain by gunfire. Three others were injured, “possibly by ricocheting bullets,” he said.

Police were looking for George Zinkhan, 57, who has been a professor at the school in Athens, which is about 70 miles east of Atlanta, since the 1990s. Authorities do not know what triggered the shootings, and it was not immediately clear if any students or faculty were among the victims. “We do know that he was associated in some manner with at least one of the victims,” Shockley said. “We are trying to determine those facts.”


Very little information is out on this shooting but we need to hope this troubled man turns himself into the police and we should be sending prayers for the victims and the affected families. :gopray:

Well, let’s think on this. Do you believe there would be more shootings on campuses by emotionally distraught people if there were effective gun bans on them? Or do you think there would be fewer shootings on campuses by emotionally distraught people if everyone were armed with a handgun?

(The question is rhetorical.)

Rhetorical or not, both of your questions are easy to reject as silly an nonsensical.

Still, the fact is that GUN FREE ZONES are totally ineffective and that there are 3 dead, 3 injured and the man responsible is on the loose. There are families that need prayers from all of us and there is a man who needs jail, therapy and prayers.

Limiting access to handguns, rifles and assault weapons is reasonable. Excluding them from certain areas, except for police officers and licensed security personnel, is reasonable.


When the limits can be enforced in a practical manner then excluding them from certain areas is indeed reasonable.

However, if the only “limit” preventing a criminal or deranged/distraught individual from bringing a gun into these specified areas is a paper sign that says *GUN FREE ZONE *or an unenforceable law on the books in the capital building in a city far away, then I’d have to disagree with you on a practical level.

This didn’t happen on campus. there is too little information. Reports have suffaced that the individual had “mutliple” guns, what ever that means.

5 to 1 it is a lovers’ quarral, prof is gay and he shoot his lover and his lover’s lover and others just got in the way. ( I have no clue if this statement in my last sentence is true, but it sounds good, I once studied journalism, so that gives me the license to make facts up. Sounding cool sometimes is better then being true.;))

He had just spent a few years back teaching in Amsterdam after, or during, a stint at U of Michigan.

By the way he is “Dr.” Zinkham, phd, possibly a liberal professor, at least a professor in marketing, maybe that is why there isn’t more on him in the news about him, you know it is always those “stupid conservative” kooks that shoot up the place… never a “good and educated” liberal…:shrug:

Back to reality, let’s truly pray for all those affected in this incident…

Well with further fact cecking, (went to FOX news) it turned out he wasn’t gay, but the victims were his wife, her lover and another. But it didn’t happen on campus,,2933,517918,00.html

More at 11… Now a word from Coca Cola,…

Oh my goodness … my husband was a student of this man … :frowning:

And I was a student where this happened last night:

“HAMPTON, Va. (AP) — A former student shot the night manager and a pizza delivery man inside a Hampton University dorm early Sunday before turning the gun on himself, police and school officials said Sunday. All three were hospitalized.”

3 Va. men hurt in shooting at Hampton University
By STEVE SZKOTAK – 32 minutes ago
HAMPTON, Va. (AP) — A former Hampton University student armed with three guns followed a pizza delivery man into the student’s former dorm early Sunday, shot the delivery man and a dorm monitor, then turned the gun on himself, university officials said. **All three survived. **

Now why would a an 18 year old folow a man into the dorm and shot him and another, then himself? :hmmm:

And what does any of this including the story about the Prof in GA have to do with Free Gun Zones? Pro, con or other wise?

On a serious note, hope you didn’t know any of the victims, did you? Things seem close to home when they happen at places you are attched to, prayer going on and up…

I don’t know the participants but I know the dorm. This thread was on campus shootings and it is strange that there was one last night on a campus very familiar to me. Another campus shooting in VA.

The particulars sound strange since the alleged shooter was not even a present student.

How very sad. I will pray for all affected.

I’m pretty much a responsible pro-gun guy, and agree that allowing concealed carry would probably limit the horrific damage done by someone going on a “spree” like at Virginia Tech. But I don’t think it would deter focused attacks like this one. Can’t prove or support it, just my gut feeling.


I agree if a disturbed person wants to get a gun and use it, he or she will. I agree that if everyone student carried a gun, it would be harder for incidents like VA Tech to happen. But I don’t agree with allowing guns. Why?

Well, I suppose it depends on your region, but guns are not popular where I live in the Northeast, and the only people I know who are into them are a little off - it wouldn’t make me feel safer to know they had them. Even if they were legalized, most students I know would not want a gun, so once again, they’d mostly just be in the hands of people who are a little too into weapons.

But most importantly, there are plenty of law-abiding college students that I know would not go on a rampage or anything if they had a gun. However, even these good people at times drink too much, become depressed or upset, flip out - do stupid collegeaged things. And having a gun that someone is going to fool around with while intoxicated or impulsively use when they find out their girlfriend dumped them or they failed a class is very scary. these normal students are not the type who would have a gun if they were banned because they are law-abiding, but like anyone, sometimes they have problems, and I think a gun would be easy to use in the even of a meltdown.

What do you think a gun is more likely to be used for? To kill someone on a shooting spree - which are pretty rare even though they get a lot of publicity - or to kill somebody in an accidental drunken game or in an impulsive domestic dispute or suicide - fairly common college occurennces. The benefits don’t outweigh the risks IMO.

Ed, why do people put signs in their yards that advertise they have security systems in their homes? Could it be the fact that those who mean to do harm to others will look for someplace easier to rob or rape?

Now, if a robber or rapist knows that everyone on block A has guns and are willing to use them and on block B guns are illegal and no one has one to use. Which block do you think is safest for the robber and which block is safer for the residents?

I believe many people would be surprised to learn who carries a gun and who does not. Many that carry are not “into” guns. Many carry for the same reason others carry mace or pepper spray and I have never heard someone said to be “into” mace or pepper spray.:shrug:

Like Kathleen says, I think you would be very surprised to find out who carries a gun. :shrug:

I am a stay at home, home schooling Mom. And I have a license to carry. :tiphat: Unless you went into my bedroom closet, you would never see any guns that I have. And yes, I have more than one.

Here are a couple posts from a legal blog I follow, The Volokh Conspiracy:

Self-Defense Blindness:

Occasionally, though, I run across a different phenomenon — both as to guns and as to other things — that I think of as “self-defense-blindness”: a complete failure to even consider self-defense as one of the functions of a gun or other weapon. Either the speaker doesn’t even think of self-defense, or at least he assumes that the listener can be persuaded not to think of self-defense
We see this, for instance, in claims that some guns should be banned because they lack a “sporting purpose,” without considering a possible self-defense purpose. We also see this in statements that guns are good only for killing. Even if one includes threatening to kill alongside killing (and ignores target-shooting), talking about “killing” in condemning guns without distinguishing criminal killings/threats from self-defense killings/threats strikes me as self-defense-blindness.

Thanks to Prof. Volokh for coining this phrase – I run into it all the time from folks who apparently think that a citizen’s proper response to crime is to be victimised and let the police investigate afterward.

Also of interest is As They Say, “When Seconds Count, the Police Are Only Minutes Away”.

Well, I suppose it depends on your region, but guns are not popular where I live in the Northeast, and the only people I know who are into them are a little off - it wouldn’t make me feel safer to know they had them. Even if they were legalized, most students I know would not want a gun, so once again, they’d mostly just be in the hands of people who are a little too into weapons.

If the people you know who are into guns are a little off then you might want to not know them. :wink:

Seriously though, my FIL is one of the top handgun shooters in the US. I can tell you I’ve been to the firing ranges, some of those gun guys are a little off. But it’s not in a mass murderer way, they are very intelligent people. They are off, kind of like an engineer is, only they understand themselves.

I’d be willing to bet handguns are very popular where you are, and if most people were taken to a nice clay target shooting range with a shotgun they would enjoy themselves very much. It is a lot of fun.

We use to carry guns in our trucks at high school, but a lot of things are different down here than other parts of this country. I would have felt sorry for the person who tried shooting our school, he would have had a bunch of kids hustling to their trucks to shoot back.

I think you would be quite surprised to know how many of your friends and neighbors own them and you don’t know about it. Here in my state fully 11% of the adult population has a carry permit that allows us to carry almost anywhere in public, I carry legally onto the school property when I pick up my daughter, I carry into the banks, stores, and shops. I’ve even carried into town hall. Nobody knew I was carrying a gun because it was concealed, but it was also legal.

This would be one instance where your OPINION stands contrary to FACTS because you apparently are unaware that the defensive use of handguns shows are used more often to PREVENT crime than to commit it. The problem is the media only shows the bloody aftermath. Most crimes are prevented without firing a shot.

In my 62 years I have had to “show” my gun three times. Other then target practice I have never had to shoot it. I pray to God I never have to shoot it to protect myself or others. But, shoot it I will if the need ever comes.

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