Another "Catholic" Law and Order 3/31/09

Anyone see this episode? Key highlights… Featured a married South African Priest (I believe he was an Episipalian before he became a Catholic Priest). Stabler said the Act of Contrition with a murder suspect to try to get him confess to some crimes. Ending took place with a police/hostage type standoff in a church. I believe the Priest spoke about God sending his Son to also suffer (the story line focused on the war in Uganda and the great suffering there).

I think they do a pretty decent job of presenting the Church and people pretty realistically.

I saw it! I thought it was really good. L&O:SVU is one of the few show’s I’ll watch because they do present things in a more “real” way than other tv shows. I think it was a very powerful message at the end with all the pictures of the children over the world who are forced into being child soldiers.

Indeed, I explained to my 15 yr old how the girls are made into sex slaves and it showed how the boys are made into soldiers… very powerful…

The original L&O was very well made and I really enjoyed watching it, particularly when Michael Moriarty was on. I watched it less and eventually stopped when it seemed like the writers were taking stories from the news and simply changing the names.

I didn’t watch CI originally, but have caught up through reruns. Again, well made and the Goren character is very compelling. However, the tone of the show seemed to become increasingly political and it seemed for a time that virtually every episode had either an abortion or homosexual storyline or tangent. I find the same to be true of SVU. I’ll watch the reruns for awhile but sometimes, for me, the social and political stuff just gets in the way.

But, since I’ve known this to be true for a long time, I can begin to watch an episode and, if I don’t like it, I can always change the channel. I’m sure I’ll be watching on 4/17 when the new season of CI finally starts. I think it will be fascinating to see what Jeff Goldblum brings to the show, and the pairing with Julianne Nicholson looks interesting. The commercials alone have been very good.

Wow, I almost forgot about CI, that will be an interesting series.

My favorite is SVU followed by regular Law and Order…Still some very quality writiing coming out of these…

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