Another clothes question

sorry guys, i think this is the last one of these for now.

so in a previous post, i asked about men’s and women’s clothing. the basic answer i got was that generally men wore men’s pants and women wore women’s pants. or shirts could apply too.

but what about unisex clothing? generally they fil the same and nothing really distinguishes them. jeans, sweatpants, track pants. i’m an athlete and both teams, although we compete separately, have the same jersey. apart from size, there is not any difference. also t-shirts too.

Same thing. Women have women’s jeans, sweatpants, workout clothes, etc. A uniform supplied by a team for a women’s sport or a man’s sport often look similar but again they are sized and made to fit each sex, respectively.

Don’t be scrupulous.

As long as you wear clothes, its fine.

My impression is, pretty much, as long as you stay away from anything that would cause someone to look at you and think you’re crossdressing, you’re fine. Generally modern western society is a lot more tolerant of women wearing clothing designed for men than the other way around. A woman can wear men’s pants and some shirts and not be considered cross-dressed.

So basically, if you’re a guy, don’t wear a skirt. If you’re a girl, well, honestly there’s very little in modern society that’s considered cross-dressing for women. Maybe stay away from ties.

what about when it first started though. was there a great outrage about women and pants but it slowly got incorporated anyways? i could see something like that happening if more men wanted to wear dresses. and we see it happening in other areas as well. things which are opposed at first and people cave…

there are actualy unisex clothes aren’t there though? haha, trying not to be scrupulous

Could be. I actually find this a pretty interesting question. The general rule I’ve found is that there’s no special value in a garment being “men’s” or “women’s.” The rules are

(1) Do not dress in a way that would be considered suggestive, sexual, or fetishistic.

(2) Do not dress in a way that would be designed to offend.

Other than that, whatever you want to wear should be fine. So an early 20th century female factory worker wouldn’t be doing anything wrong if she wore loose pants because they were easier to work in.

Oh please, don’t dare to rule out a man in a kilt! Nothing is more manly than a man in his plaids.

What is the problem?

Unless you are indulging in cross-dressing, or obviously are in clothing intended for the opposite gender, there should not be a problem in wearing clothes that fit.

If clothes is truly unisex–say, workout clothes, or hoodies–then anyone can wear it. This includes graduation or judicial robes, warm hats, gloves, work gloves, overalls, and so on.

On the other hand, a man in a tutu, or a woman in a tuxedo may raise some eyebrows and cause scandal, and so should be avoided–unless there is some other sufficient reason to wear such outfits.

Have common sense!

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