Another Confession Question - Why such limited times?

I know our priests are very busy, and that people don’t go to reconciliation with as much regularity as in the past. But, that said, it seems that reconciliation times are so limited. I live near a major city and would think that there would be more opportunities to go - especially in the parishes where there are very long lines.

Does anyone else find this to be a bit of a problem, or do I just need to plan better?

I see it as a symptom of something bad that is just getting worse. When I was little it was drilled into us that you could not have communion on Sunday if you did not go to confession the Saturday night before. It worked out okay. Today I see long lines. Almost all the parishes here have an hour for confession on one night a week plus 45 minutes scheduled on Saturday before vigil. There is also listed you can call for an appt, but good luck with that.

All of our churches in the dioceses will be open each Monday of Lent in addition to the other hours. Last year the Monday before Easter had three priests and a line out the door. It took our family 2 and a half hours to get through. This year we will go earlier or wait til after the rush is over after Easter.

Wow. I’m going to go tomorrow - taking a trip to my favorite shrine where I had my first confession last year. Then I will probably just do the parish Penance service before Easter. Haven’t heard anything about expanded hours in our Archdiocese.

You can call the parish office and schedule an appointment for confession, anytime.

Most of the churches around here only have one hour a week on Saturday. One of the bigger parishes about 25 minutes away has Wednesday night confessions - the line is sooo long. Yeah -appointments - lol!

Our priest actually prefers appointments. I’d say only about 3 people a week even ask for one. The Saturday line (45 min before Mass) never has more than 4 people.
People tend to “wait” for the Lenten or Advent Penance service when around 10 priests come. I think the face to face confession trend stopped a lot of people from receiving the Sacrament more often, it just bugs them. So, instead they wait for the twice a year gig so that they can sit in front of someone they don’t know.
Human nature/fear…what are you gonna do? :shrug:

In my sister’s parish in the western US has communal reconciliation services with communal absolution! I thought this was only in extreme situations, and not do be done as a matter of course. Never seen it around here, but obviously, she loves it. :confused:

Anybody seen it where they are?

I harass my priests about confession. In general the Pastor and the Parochial Vicar are both on the premises at the same time USUALLY. Because it would be unjust to commune with our Lord with a mortal sin on our concience I will arrive at mass on those days (twice in this past year :frowning: ) about 45 minutes early. Whoever is saying mass will generally be busy preparing their homily or bustling about the sacristy, organizing the presentation of gifts etc. Etc. However whichever is NOT saying mass will be in the office and Ive found approaching them and explaining the circumstances ie: " Father I’m sorry to bother but there is something pressing on my concience and if I wait until next wednesday to confess that will be nearly a week without taking the Eucharist." They are usually very understanding and immediately offer to hear a confession. Now Im not advocating HARASSING your priests on a regular vasis outside of the designated time however in the case of mortal sin this is a good method. Also remember every time we commune with our Lord we are cleansed of venial sin. I make a habit of silently praying an Act of Contrition when approaching the Altar. I hope this helps! God Bless

My parish in NYC has only two priests. They do not schedule Confession at the traditional Saturday afternoon. However, they have Confession a half hour before the 7 PM Saturday Vigil Mass, which continues up until the Gospel of the Mass. This is also done before every Sunday Mass.
It is also my experience that if one goes into the Sacristy just before the priest vests for Mass, the priest will hear your Confession without any problem. Of course, under the circumstances, one cannot expect this Confession to be a counseling session. I come out of the pre V II weekly Confession tradition.
Unfortunately, some people will use the lack of Confessional hours as an excuse not to go to Confession.
There also seems to be current a mistaken idea amongst some Catholics that committing a Mortal Sin is very hard to do, so they think they haven’t committed one. Subverted by contemporary secular morality, they seem to forget that one can sin by omission as well as commission.
Thus, one sees long Communion lines at Mass, but almost no one in line for Confession.

I feel so sorry for folks who have this problem. We have three churches in the parish in my city. Here’s our confession schedule (and you can always call the office to schedule an appointment, too):

Sundays - 4:00 pm Holy Family Church
Wednesdays 4:00 pm Basilica Chapel
Fridays - 4:00 pm Basilica Chapel
6:00 pm Holy Family Church (Added for Lent)
Saturdays - 3:00 pm Basilica Chapel, Holy Cross Church, Holy Family Church

That is a very serious abuse of the sacraments and that bishop should be informed.

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