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Hi everyone.

So I am newly baptized. I have been to confession 3 times. All by 3 different priests. I noticed each priest did it alittle different. My first two confessions were face to face, the one I last went to was behind a screen.

So I started telling the Priest my sins. I had a small list so I dont forget. I got to one sin in particular and the Priest stopped me to ask me afew questions and then he gave me alittle advice. He then proceded to absolve me but I had two more sins I wanted to confess. Neither of them were grave matters, but were things I wanted to get off my chest for lack of a better term. I did not want to interrupt him so I just stood silent as he absolved me. I remember this almost happened at my first confession, but I was able to finish. I know my sins are forgiven and I do plan to still confess the last 2 things at my next confession. Im not upset. I dont know... I guess I am just curious if this has happened to anyone else? Im sure it has. If I still needed to confess a Mortal sin, I probably would have interrupted him anyway, but since they were venial sins (if even that, im a bit scrupulous sometimes) I told myself "Next time."

Im looking to hear past experiences and just alittle curious if I the way I handled it all was ok? Thank you!


Something I learned as a boy, about 70 years ago in a Jesuit parish. Confession is a two way street. You confess and the priest absolves. However, the priest can or will counsel you in order to help you to not repeat the offense. You, in turn can ask the priest questions about things you do not understand. And, as in any discussion, you can stop the priest from rushing things by saying “excuse me Father, but I have a few other things to confess”. No priest will ever object to this.
One thing you can do in preparing for Confession is, when you are examining your conscience, write your sins down on paper and bring that into the confessional with you. There is usually enough light coming through the screen to read by. Let the priest know that you have the list so you won’t forget anything. In addition, when in doubt, confess it!


This an over simplification, but I think of three things (I know that there are others) that one can expect to receive from confession:
1. forgiveness
2. relief
3. advice

Given the situation as you described it, I think you can be assured that you received forgiveness for all those sins, the one confessed and the two not confessed. You mentioned that you did receive some advice and I’m sure you know you can always request more if you wish during future confessions. I sense perhaps that what you didn’t receive is that immediate sense of relief from mentioning the other sins. First of all, I don’t think this is unusual, given the way our human psyche operates. Meditating a little on the tremendous mercy and willingness to forgive of our loving Heavenly Father can help sometimes. Also, it is the practice of some to include previous (forgiven) sins when expressing sorrow during future confessions. This can be something along the lines of “Father, I am sorry for these (ie. the sins just confessed) and all my past sins, especially* blank blank blank*" (and here you can mention a specific sin, a category of sins, or some sinful habit.)

I don’t think what you experienced is all that uncommon and in my opinion I think you handled it just fine. And congratulations and welcome.


Grace, grace, grace, grace, grace…???
Absolution. Absolution does differ from forgiveness, does it not?



[quote="AloysiusBologna, post:4, topic:324366"]

Absolution does differ from forgiveness, does it not?


Yes, if you prefer, absolution **is the action of the priest by which in the name of Christ he grants **forgiveness of sins.


Venial sins do not need to be confessed (though it is very good to confess some of them).

So no need to bring them back to confession -- they were venial and did not need to be mentioned.

(If they were "not even that" then if one mentions along with sins -- one notes that your not sure etc)


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