Another Conversion of Russia Update


“From Russia with Dread”

By Christopher A. Ferrara, June 10, 2008

The headline of Jonathan Dimbleby’s story in The Daily Mail online (May 17, 2008) says it all: “Russia: A totalitarian regime in thrall to a Tsar who’s creating the new Fascist empire.” Commenting on developments in Russia which have been followed regularly in this column, Dimbleby, writing from Russia, observes that Putin has “not only written the script for his constitutional coup d’etat, but staged the play and given himself the starring role as well.”

The way Putin has arranged things, “President” Medvedev operates as nothing more than his executive assistant. Writes Dimbleby: “No decision of any significance for the Russian people or the rest of us will be made in the foreseeable future without the say-so of Medvedev’s unsmiling master.”

Dimbleby focuses on the claim that Putin is entitled to his ascendancy as Russia’s dictator because he has “delivered” the Russian people from the deprivations of the Communist era. “He has,” Dimbleby writes, “told the Russian people that life is much better than it was before he took over [and] no doubt that the majority of his subjects believe him.” Thus, even though Putin’s Russia “is increasingly autocratic and irredeemably corrupt, the man himself — their born-again Tsar — is overwhelmingly regarded as the answer to the nation’s prayers.”

But the reality is other. Russia has endured, says Dimbleby, “centuries of suffering — its brutalities, its wars and revolutions, culminating in the collapse of communism and the anarchic buffoonery of the Yeltsin years — have taken a terrible psychological toll.” And now, “Cynicism and fatalism which eat away at the human psyche have wormed their way into the very DNA of the Russian soul. In a nation that has not tasted and — with very few exceptions — does not expect or demand justice or freedom, all that matters is stability and security.”

The “stability and security” that Putin claims to offer comes at an exorbitant price. And Dimbleby observes that “Russians have been criminally short-changed…” While average real incomes “have more than doubled… [t]hey started from a very low base and they could have done far better.” Meanwhile, the vast profits from Russia’s booming oil trade have “not been used ‘to share the proceeds of growth’ with the people [or] to resurrect a health service which is on its knees (and is ranked by the World Health Organisation as 130th out of the 190 countries of the UN)… It has not brought gas and running water to the villages where the peasants have been devastated by the collapse of the collectives, or even developed the infrastructure that a 21st century economy needs to compete with the rest of the world. Russia may be a member of the G8 whose GDP [Gross Domestic Product] (because of oil) should soon overtake the United Kingdom, but, in many ways, it is more like a Third World country.”

Then there is the ongoing Russian AIDS epidemic and rampant alcoholism, which have contributed to an average life expectancy for Russian males of only 58 years. At the same time, the Russian population “is projected to shrink from 145 million to 120 million within a few decades.”

And all that wealth from oil? Where has it gone? Apparently to gargantuan payouts for Putin’s cronies. As Dimbleby explains, citing an expert report by former Kremlin insiders who have dared to speak out, “‘a criminal system of government [has] taken shape under Putin’ in which the Kremlin has been selling state assets cheaply to Putin’s cronies and buying others assets back from them at an exorbitant price.” For example, Roman Abramovich, “one of Putin’s closest allies, paid a mere $100 million for Sifnet; ten years later, the government shelled out $13.7 billion for it — an astronomical sum and far above the going market rate.” As Dimbleby concludes: “You can forget any talk from the new President about ‘stamping out’ corruption. This social and economic disease is insidious and rampant.”

Nor can Russian citizens expect any real opposition to this endemic corruption, because, as Dimbleby notes, “the media has been muzzled by the Kremlin, their freedom of expression stifled by the government. Almost every national radio and television station is now controlled directly or indirectly by the state, and the same applies to every newspaper of any influence.”

In addition to tyranny at home, there is saber-rattling toward the West. Russia’s military alliance with China, thanks to which, as Dimbleby notes, “the adversaries of a generation ago are now not only major trading partners, but conduct joint military exercises,” represents a development that “shifts the balance of power in the world.”

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For all these reasons, writes Dimbleby, “as life on earth becomes less and less secure, with ever more people competing for a dwindling supply of vital resources, Russia, as an energy giant, is once again a big player on the world stage. Make no mistake, we are in for a very bumpy ride.”

Thus do things stand 23 years after a “consecration of Russia” that deliberately omitted any mention of Russia. No wonder we have heard less and less from the Fatima revisionists who once marveled at the “miraculous transformation” of what Sister Lucia so rightly called “that poor nation.”


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Processions from 8 various cities toward Moskow were held during this year to honor Mother of God. This culminated in a large procession from all such places in Moskow on June 8.


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“Conversion of Russia” Update

Putin Brings Russia Back to the Good Old Days

By Christopher A. Ferrara, June 16, 2008

Followers of this column will notice that presentation of the evidence of Russia’s non-conversion since the non-consecration of 1984 is the single most treated subject among the 567 “Fatima Perspectives” published here to date.

And with good reason: as Russia goes, so goes the world, if Our Lady of Fatima is to be believed — and, of course, we cannot fail to believe Her. And so we must believe Her when She says, in the Message of Fatima, that failing Russia’s consecration to Her Immaculate Heart and its consequent conversion, innumerable souls will be lost and “various nations will be annihilated.” Remember that Sister Lucia was warning of the prospect of the annihilation of nations long after the end of World War II and the rise of international communism.

So, this is not a subject I am prepared to drop — ever — until the Consecration of Russia is actually effected. And the evidence that is has not been effected continues to mount with a rapidity that can only be humiliating to the Father Foxes of the Catholic world, who were once so confident, and so eager to declare publicly, that a “miraculous transformation” of Russia had taken place following a ceremony from which any mention of Russia was deliberately omitted.

In recent months the debacle has achieved almost comical proportions, except that the prognosis for our world is anything but funny. In an editorial published on June 9, 2008, The New York Times decries the latest neo-Stalinist revival in Russia: “Years ago, Soviet news agencies grew to be experts in removing unwanted comrades from official photographs. People disappeared in the developing rooms just as they disappeared in real life, and early group photos with Stalin often contracted into a picture of the Soviet dictator standing alone. That grim history makes what’s happening today on Russia’s national television networks all the more chilling.”

Yes, Putin’s Russia is now witnessing the digital equivalent of Stalinist airbrushing: “Russia’s national networks are routinely deleting news or opinions critical of the Kremlin. In one notable case, Mikhail Delyagin, a political analyst, criticized Vladimir Putin during the taping of a talk show. When the program aired, most of Delyagin was missing. Only his disembodied legs remained in the picture.”

Clumsy, laughable, and oh-so-Stalinesque. But Putin has no shame, and no fear of world opinion. Nor does the “practicing Christian” — remember that laughable claim about Putin from the Fatima revisionists? — have any respect for human life. The Times recalls the curious fact “Since 2000, when Putin was first elected president, about 14 independent journalists have been killed.” This is not to mention the sudden deaths of Putin’s other political opponents at different times and places.

Meanwhile, Putin’s government — which he is allowing Medvedev to run like a father who allows his child to “drive” the family car — is finding imaginative new ways to shut down opposition newspapers. For example, “three independent newspapers… were shut down recently for allegedly using counterfeit software.” Gee, that’s strict! At the same time, the Kremlin — meaning Putin — “announced recently that it will now monitor online content.”

The Times is rightly troubled about “this slide toward those dark old days” in a nation that, today, is armed to the teeth with nuclear missiles, is developing new ones that can evade any missile defense, and has forged a military alliance with Red China, which is building underground bases for submarines carrying ICBMs.

   If only the Fatima revisionists within our own Church were as frank as The New York Times is about the grim reality of this situation.


Mary, Mother of men, obtain for Russia the graces which are necessary to bear its crosses patiently, and show Russia the only Way, that is, your Son, our Lord, Jesus Christ. Amen.


Thank you Nickname :slight_smile:

Now we must pray that the Holy Father (Pope), along with the Bishops, Priests etc. will consecrate Russia to Jesus and the Virgin Mary’s Imacculate Heart. :slight_smile:


Mr Putin is very questionable.

But Holy Russia is consecrated to the Holy Orthodox Church and there are countless Russian martyrs who shed their blood for Jesus Christ. The blood of the martyrs cries out as a holy witness to the faith.

Slava Isusu Christu!


Hi Mickey,

That’s good…but…

According to Our Mother(Virgin Mary) and her Son, Jesus. “Russia” should also be consecrated to the Virgin Mary’s Immaculate Heart. Per our Lady, there will be no Peace on Earth until this is completed by the Pope, Bishops, Priests, etc.

In all the previous Consecrecations, the Pope, never has mentioned “Russia” in any of his Consecrations. Our Lady was very specific and her requests.


The Fatima apparitions are approved by the RCC, but it is not imperative that members of the RC Church to believe it under pain of excommunication.

Furthermore, Holy Russia is already under the protection of the Panaghia. The Latin Church knows this.

Your energies would be better spent praying for your friends and family and the whole world—alive and reposed.

Slava Isusu Christu!


Hi Mickey,

I do use my energies praying for the world, my friends and my family. What makes you think that I am not praying for my family and friends? I also say three hail Mary’s daily for the Consecration of Russia to the Virgin Mary’s Immaculate heart :slight_smile:



I will pray that one day the Lord will let you know that Holy Russia is under the protection of the Panaghia. The devotion to Christ and His Church in Holy Russia is quite moving. The reverence to the Holy Eucharist is breathtaking.

99.9% of the women cover their heads out of respect for Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. The veneration shown to Our Lady is inspiring.

My prayers are dedicated to reversing the decadence that is now prevalent in the United States.


Maybe. But the problem is we really don’t know if Russia has been consecrated adequately, since all prior efforts have borne minor unity in the Church synod. And there should be no problem conferring a blessing on a country, especially one as troubling as Russia.

However, many people, like you, seem to be coming up with reasons to evade the consecration. This is disconcerting, especially in the regard that it is obscuring the unity of the bishops throughout the world.

Lastly, your final statement is simply not true. No mortal has any basis of knowing how the Lord will respond to those who call on Him. I’m satisfied that someone is turning to God and fervently praying for something they care about deeply.


What is this strange “consecrated” talk? Holy Russia is blessed by the blood of Her martyrs.

If you live in the U.S.–you better be very concerned.

Having said that–it is the best country to live in–I am biased. :slight_smile:

Oh brother. The Russian babas could teach this country what it means to pray. :wink:

Yes it is. I am simply saying that we should pray unceasingly for our loved ones–alive and reposed. You can surely pray for Russia if you like. We all need prayers.


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