Another Day for Christanity.


there are over a billion people who find value in the islamic faith. Many of these people give to charities, help their neighobrs, feed the orphans, clothe the naked. More than one billion muslims prayed to God this week without killing anyone or burning anything to the ground.

Today, millions and millions of people increased the amount of love, charity, and good deeds, and attributed all of this to their christian faith…

And also today, billions of people made it through the entire day without blaming their troubles on christians or bashing muslims, arabs, jews, mormons or christians.

Here’s a little test. See if you can get through this thread without criticizing christians, Jesus or the Pope, or without telling us why your religion is better then theirs. Even if it means just ignoring this thread if you can’t bring yourself to post something positive.

That would be something to see.


Hi Valke: I think you need to edit the first paragraph; it still says ‘Muslims’ and I think you meant this thread to be for Christians.

Not that I’m criticising anything!:smiley:


oops. I’ll see if I can still edit.



To be fair, does anyone want to try posting this on a Muslim forum and we can see how it turns out? :smiley:


Thats a Good idea . I already did that ,

Please refer to the following link



Wow. Quite a difference. Just the first four posts alone are startlingly based on what we see on this board.


By the 11th Post down, however, the Moderator stepped in with:

From this point, every post off topic or has the potention to take us off topic will be deleted.

Thus, if the thread did degenerate, we would never know. :cool:


Meedo, I applaud you for posting this on

Fidelis does have a good point though. Do you think the moderator would consider not deleting any posts so we can all see how this plays out? A lesson in charity and perhaps humility for us all.

Thank you.


Why do you do this?


Does anyone know if the moderator on Whyislam did delete any posts yet? I know those forums are pretty heavily edited, in general…


As far as i know, if your post will be edited it wouldnt because you have expressed your opinion but because you went against forum rules. Your post is not entirely edited. , and it will show a message from the moderator insteade of the edited post saying the reason for the eidting.

There is no sign that thread was edited .



For the record, no posts were actually deleted from that thread. Jermin was warning us about the little discourse Scruggnut and me had on ‘secularism’ and not to go off-topic discussing that.


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