Another Day for Isalm


there are over a billion people who find value in the islamic faith. Many of these people give to charities, help their neighobrs, feed the orphans, clothe the naked. More than one billion muslims prayed to God this week without killing anyone or burning anything to the ground.

Today, millions and millions of people increased the amount of love, charity, and good deeds, and attributed all of this to their islamic faith.

And also today, billions of people made it through the entire day without blaming their troubles on Islam or bashing muslims, arabs, jews, mormons or christians.

Here’s a little test. See if you can get through this thread without criticizing Islam, muslims, or arabs, or without telling us why your religion is better then theirs. Even if it means just ignoring this thread if you can’t bring yourself to post something positive.

That would be something to see.


I do not claim that every Moslem is evil. Most are decent folks personally. The problem is that 10% (of 1 billion) of Moslems are savages and that means that 100,000,000 Moslems are willing to go to war against civilization and God. Even though it is only 10% it is too much!

I pity the Moslem. Their corrupt cult has brainwashed them into believing God sent a pedophile named Mohammed to earth.

Look at the fruit of Mohammed. He raped a 9 year old girl. He had multiple wives. He executed POWs. He ravaged caravans. He led armies. He mugged people. He massacred civilians. He tried to annihilate Christianity. He ethnically cleansed Medina of the Jews. He denied the divinity of Christ and claimed to be Christ equal. He worshipped an idol.

Mohammed was everything Christ wasn’t. Christ said “love thy neighbor”. Mohammed said “rape and kill thy neighbor”.

I pray that Moslems may be freed from the bondage of their evil cult. The dragon of Islam is a plague upon this world and Moslems deserve better.


With a dead father, he came to earth. Darkness and sorrows, through his birth.
In the years of 6 or less, his mother passed, his family trashed.
Taking care of him, Halimah went, what she got in frightening fare.
For soon, she saw his demon trances, pain and writhing and evil prances.

Lies and murders in pain and terror, he raped the women in evil fervor.
Sharing his sins his people grew, as darkness fell and demons flew.
As allah speaks in visions he claims, only for him to loosen his chains.
For all but him can have but 4, women he damned unworthy and sore.

With nothing but lies to claim his own, a useless faith that he has owned.
For all is damned the way he set, where sins and curses and shames beset.
As god is never there for him, for demons wallowed in his sins.
Can prophets come where sins replete, and evil triumph to take the seat.

As death to him, his wife bestowed in poisoned meat that she had stewed.
Now dead and rotting in his grave, an evil book now sings his praise.
Yet time shall come when all shall say, an evil man he lived his days.
Demon as god and sins for faith and all who comes shall join in Hades.


There were good people who helped their neighbors and spread love in the Soviet Union, too. That is not a reflection on the ideology of Communism, but on the human capacity to be good in the midst of evil.


ok no criticizing…but nothing good to say either:)


All are very positive points that you bring up. Certainly good actions are preferable to bad actions.

In C.S. Lewis’s childrens’ book series, “The Chronicles of Narnia”, in the last book, “The Last Battle”, Aslan the lion (a Christ figure) speaks to a young warrior who had always believed in the god Tash, an evil god yet one the young man thought was good, and for whom the young man had done, always, good actions.

Aslan explains to the young man that, even though the man did not know it himself, all good actions and righteous deeds that were done by any person were done for him (Aslan) even if they were done in the name of Tash; conversely, all wrong actions and bad deeds done by any person were done for Tash, even if they were done in the name of Aslan.

I always thought that this dialogue explained quite a lot about the three great monotheistic faiths especially, as well as non-theistic, even nihilistic, beliefs.


So are you looking for agreement with your thoughts or facts (as far as I know). I’ll sign on as being in agreement.

Fundamentalism has its roots in oppression, whether its in Muslim Saudi Arabia or Christian Alabama.





Only one post in the thread so far seems to rise to the level of charity asked for in the OP.



Is this thread even SANE?




Hmm, let’s see:

“sing” and “devil” are not even in the OP. So I’m confused here…how did this thread ask you to sing praises of the devil?

Are you sure you’re alright?


Some of the responses to this thread remind me why I left Christianity


For those who could not find it in their hearts or concience (sp?) to post something positive, all you had to do was ignore the thread. Just this one out of the dozen of threads that are currently dedicated to telling muslims why they are wrong.


I can’t speak for anyone else, but I haven’t witnessed any of the things that you say Muslims did today. If you could give us your account of the charitable acts and spreading of love in the name of Islam that you witnessed today, I’m sure we could move the thread back in the right direction.


Valke2 left a piece of **** in the open and told everyone else to hold their noses.

What do you think?

If we hold our noses, it means we are indirectly allowing the stench to pervade. If we speak, it cannot be good (since it is not justified) otherwise it has to be the singing of praises. There’s no in between. Looks like some of us here needs to have brain tuning done.


Yep, definately happy to no longer be a christian. :slight_smile:


To begin with, how can someone who cannot even differentiate between good and bad appreciate the good?


A nihilist denies artificially constructed universals. Notions of good and bad can have an underlying true universal, but for much different reasons than just ‘God said so’. Seeing as this is you pumpqueen, I suggest you ask yourself the very same question :wink:


If you think so.

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