Another Female British Prime Minister


Things are moving very fast and rather unexpectedly in the UK lately.Theresa May moves into Number 10 on Wednesday. :slight_smile:

Wishing her the best of British luck, and the strength and guidance of her Christian faith.



She’s the daughter of an Anglican priest.


here’s a link, NY Times:

LONDON — Theresa May emerged on Monday as Britain’s next prime minister, becoming the second woman after Margaret Thatcher to lead the country. She faces multiple challenges as soon as she takes office, from negotiating the nation’s departure from the European Union to addressing deep social and political divisions to reviving a wounded economy.
Her victory came on another day of rapid developments in British politics and set in motion a process that officials said would put her in 10 Downing Street by Wednesday night, succeeding David Cameron.

Ms. May, until now Britain’s home secretary, is set to take over at a time of immense upheaval. The nation must not only negotiate its withdrawal from the European Union, a process fraught with economic and political risks, but it must also hold itself together amid a renewed clamor from Scotland for independence. Early signs are that Britain’s economy has already taken a substantial hit from the exit vote, or “Brexit.”


I hope she does well and is a competent, strong leader. The fact that she is a woman doesn’t mean all that much to me.


She will need to be competent and strong.


I do not think she was a good choice. She is too liberal. I would have much rather had Nigel Farage or Boris Johnson as the Prime Minister.


Farage is neither a Member of Parliament nor a member of the Conservative Party which would make it rather difficult for him to be Prime Minister. Boris Johnson withdrew his candidacy and would have found it difficult to hold the Party together.

In a parliamentary system, trying to lead a Party from an extreme position is unlikely to be successful - as the Labour Party are rediscovering. The Tory Party is the most successful political Party in anybody’s history because it knows how to keep itself together.


How is she “too liberal”?
What is she too liberal about?

It sure would be something if we have a female PM in Britain and a female president in the USA at the same time.


Like the old ads used to say (for those of you old enough to remember):
*We’ve come a long way, baby.



Per, this article, I don’t agree that May is “generally pro-life” but she has personally voiced support for a reduction in the abortion limit:

Theresa May does support same-sex marriage, but she voted against assisted suicide:


Not necessarily a good thing.

I wasn’t too impressed with her either, but I have not heard her speak yet. I definitely am not impressed with Hillary.


Why do the words “Poisoned Chalice” come to mind. I believe she may go down in history like other famous British leaders… Cameron and Chamberlain come readily to mind…


I wish her all the best. The fact that she is a woman makes no never mind to me, but the fact that her party are rallying round her and thus government will be stable is important. If only the Labour party would concentrate on being an effective opposition instead of back stabbing and floundering about all over the place.


Looking forward to the two female leaders of the free world collaborating, beginning next January!


Not to mention Angela Merkel.


She has voted against assisted suicide:

I don’t understand how this description of her being “generally pro-life” is correct? But she has voted for the abortion limit to be reduced in 2008:

And she has voiced personal support for an abortion limit in 2012:


She is liberal on the issue of same-sex marriage, which is a major political issue.


It’s not a major political issue in the UK.


Indeed it isn’t.


What has she done that makes you think so?



So…what is her position on it?

And, is this position the only reason you think she is “too liberal”?


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