Another Gene Robinson thread


Last night I went with a small group of Friends to hear Gene Robinson at the Episcopal Cathedral…what a dynamic speaker!

He spoke of ministry to the marginalized…especially gay men and lesbian women. The cathedral was packed. He spoke of his ministry to the women’s prison in New Hampshire, and the changes that have occured because they heard that they were loved by God through Christ…and through him was forgiveness and acceptance. He celebrated the Eucharist for them each Christmas Eve…women who have felt no one cares about them and judges them for their situation…he said “No wonder Jesus calls us to visit those in prison.”

He spoke about his ministry to Catholic priests…he facilitates a secret retreat every year for Catholic priests…someplace they can come together and pray and heal…a safe place to discuss the problems they face as Catholics, priests, and gay men…the retreat has grown to over 75 Catholic priests each year…always the retreats are at different times…different locations…always away and isolated…and always a joy to see men who have so much to loose take a step of faith just to be connected with each other in acceptance and love.

Friends have a long history of supporting those who have been marginalized…Friends were the first religious group to stand against slavery here in America…they were the first group who proclaimed “in Christ there is neither male nor female…” and we have always had female ministers…now for over 350 years…they were the first to stand with gay men and lesbian women and allow them full inclusion into our Meetings for Worship…in the '50’s…a small group of Friends walked with Ghandi and a larger group with Martin Luther King Jr…a group of Friends went to Germany to meet with Hitler to plea for the Jews when other religious bodies said “nothings going on”…Friends helped Jews escape and settle in safe lands…

I was proud to be among those Friends who shook Bishop Robinson’s hand last night…there wasn’t a dry eye in the house as he spoke of love, mercy, kindess, peace and willing to take up the mantle of suffering if need be for equality for all people…not just gay people, but every race, kindred, tongue and people…to live before them the Love of God…and if need be to bear this Love even to death…he’s recieved many death threats and been subject to violence…I found him to be a kind and gentle soul who exhibited the Love of God in Christ.


I remember the controversy that surrounded his election. Did he address whether he’s be going to Lambeth in 2008. I"m sure it would get very heated.


He would not be invited to Lambeth 2008 - because he’s not an Anglican Primate. The Lambeth meetings are for the primates, not for every diocesan, suffragan, or coadjutor bishop.


Forgive me, but it looks to me like you are trying to provoke nasty reactions on this forum. Sorry, I’m not biting.

An awful lot of folks forget the difference between feelings and faith. What IS the christian faith? Fundamentally, christianity is a monotheistic belief system that includes the understanding that God has revealed certain truths to his creation via prophets, Scripture, Jesus’ own words and the Church he established.

Today people have substituted their FEELINGS for revealed truth. Spiritual anarchy.

I’m sure Mr. Robinson is a nice guy. He appears to have a gift for compassion and empathy for the marginalized. That’s great. But it doesn’t undo the damage he causes by encouraging the marginalized to perpetuate the behavior that marginalized them in the first place! If I understand it correctly, he believes there is no moral wrongdoing in sodomy. He apparently comes to this conclusion because of his feelings (both personal and empathetic). That is his error and that is an egregious harm he is causing to those who listen to him and embrace his conclusions.

Don’t let bad Hollywood movies determine for you the face of evil. Evil often comes wrapped in a bundle of goodness. That’s why the darn stuff still exists! There are darn few Darth Vaders or Lord Voldemorts in the world. Reality is more complex. Real people commit both good and evil. We must all discern good versus evil based on Divinely revealed principle, not our feelings about someone.


“Who” is trying to start trouble?

Well, according to Bishop Robinson, the Archbishop of Canterbury is the one who invites participants to Lampbeth…Bishop Robinson said that ‘rumor’ is he would not be excluded, however it would be expected for him to “politely decline.” This brought laughter from the audience…I think it must have been an insider Episcopailian joke, we didn’t “get it.”

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