Another hair thread-need advice

I too have a hair issue- I had long,long,long blond hair when I was married 8 years ago. Then I got the cutting bug and for the first time in life, cut it short. Now it’s grown back out and about to the bra line. I go to a nice gal who does my trim, all-over color and a few highlights for about $50. that’s the cheapest I can find. Our money coach has asked me if I can cut this back almost completely. I only go about every 8 weeks now. My hair currently is darker than I want. Does anyone have any tips for at-home coloring. What brand is good, can I safely go a shade or two lighter? I don’t want my hair to look like dry straw. I’m thinking I could do a light brown/dark blonde color at home and then maybe see her for just a few highlights??? Right now it’s medium brown color. thanks-twk

if you’ve been using the same hairdresser for a long time and have established a relationship with her, elicit her help.

my hair gal and i barter. she gives me VERY discounted cuts ($10 instead of $40) and I sell her direct market cosmetics for %40 off. can you shop/ provide 5 hours childcare/ etc in exchange for her services?

if not, what does she suggest for a good home product?

Home color jobs always look like home color jobs. My advice, let your hair go to to it’s natural color.

I did two years ago (after coloring/highlighting for more years than I can count) - and I have never regretted it. Nice to save that $$.

A good trim keeps me fresh - and is WAY less than color!

I used to do my gf’s hair… she would bring over a chick flic and I would do the crochet hook thing to pull her hair through the bonnet… I think this is what we used:

Have to disagree with this. The newer products on the market are pretty darn good. I have had people ask me “who did your hair” when I did it at home. Just so you all know, I only dye my hair maybe twice a year, I have a lot of natural highlights so when I dye it the highlights just change color according to what it was before. I have also had people ask me what make-up I was using because it was so nice and I didn’t have any on!

But to answer twk001, definitely talk to your hairdresser about bartering. Maybe you have a service you can provide for her to exchange for her services (I have done like monicatholic and traded product I sell for a hair cut). Also, if you do choose to do it yourself, be prepared to need two boxes of dye since your hair is as long as you say it is and then you are looking at a minimum of $20.00, probably more for those products I was telling you really do the job right (in this case, price is an indicator of quality product)!

If you are afraid to ask your hairdresser her advise or to try and barter, go to a Sally’s Beauty Supply store and ask there - they are supposed to only hire those who are in the know about this stuff.

The other option is to just let it go for a year minus a trim once every 3 or 4 months. Maybe it will “grow” on you :p.

Brenda V,

I use L’oreal (because I’m worth it! LOL) and even with my thick hair, one box is plenty. I am not trying to change my hair color–just cover the gray, so every strand does not have to be sopping with dye. It is easier to have someone help you until you get used to doing it yourself. See if any of your girlfriend’s color their own hair and ask them.

I also have wavy hair, so I can get away with doing my own trims, since my hair doesn’t have to be exactly even.

Every so often I go to my stylist who scolds and complains and then does a great job. I end up tipping her really well, so factor that into your cost.

I disagree. I have dark brown hair and dye my hair auburn. It costs me $7 about every 6 weeks or so. I get so many compliments that I have the prettiest red hair or that “You can’t get color like that from a box.” I think the trick is to find a color that goes well with your current color. Right now I have about an inch of my natural color at the roots, but it doesn’t have that obvious dye line look to it because it is not so far off from my natural color. It just looks like the rest of my hair has been lightened by the sun. I think when you dye your hair a shade or two lighter, it is possible to have something natural looking from a box.

I just pay close attention to the hairline and roots when I color, then leave a few under sections my natural color, which I think gives it more depth, not an all over color which is why dye jobs look like dye jobs.

Do you have a beauty school in your area? You can get services done by students who are supervised by licensed cosmetologists, and the prices are less than half what you’d pay in a salon.

If you are careful, you can get good results at home, but you can also ruin your hair doing it yourself, esp. doing a multi-step process such as an overall color plus highlights, and it takes a looooong time to grow back once you ruin it. Just don’t do as I did and bleach out some highlights, color over them with the wrong product, and have the highlighted strands turn green! :eek: It cost me more to fix the mistake than it would have cost if I had just gone to the salon in the first place!

You know, I have never had my hair colored in a salon–probably just a little scared. And I only have a few grays right now, so I’m not ready to go to the salon for color treatments yet. :blush: I get my nails filled, but that’s my one indulgence. So, for me-I have absolutely fallen in love with the Feria products. Gentle and around $10. I am interested how you do with your money coach, because my husband has been trying to get me to go to one of these for a long time. (But I don’t want to give up some of my guilty pleasures)

Ok, ignore me, I don’t want to be a bad influence on you! haha

Good luck to you, and please keep us updated!!! It really sounds like a great plan. :slight_smile: I heard about this on a Christian radio station recently.

I use Revlon and it works really well. I go a few shades darker rather then light.One box is always enough. My hair has never turned into dried straw, it’s always stayed silky, even though i use the entire bottle of dye.The color fads some but holds pretty well over all, although this is probably the way my hair reacts and not the product itself. Like an above poster said it’s about finding a color that goes well with your current color. I happened to have been born black haired that turned dark brunette so when i started dyeing it back to black it looked pretty natural. My mom has black hair with brunette luster, and when my dye job fades we end up with the same hair color.

I use Clairol permenant color (too may grays :frowning: ) and it works great. If you are nervouse you can try one of those Clairol Herbal Essence colors that is not permanet and washes out in 28 shampoos. They work just as good for me. If you make a mistake it washes out in a month. Then if you like the Clairol Herbal Essence match that color up with a permenant Clairol color and or with another brand. That is what I did. People cannot believe my hair is colored. I get compliments all the time about my hair. If you have grays they key is remember to color the roots first and leave it on for about 10 minutes then do the rest of the hair with the color. It makes my color last longer.

Another trick is to take any brand of permanent haircolor, but mix 1 part color, 1 part developer, and 1 part shampoo (I use a Ny-Quil cup’s worth of each when I do mine this way). Mix it together in a plastic bowl or bottle, put the mixture on your hair when it is dry, leave it on for 10 minutes, and then wash it out. It will blend the grays and it will last about as long as one of those semi-permanent colors, only it’s cheaper. It won’t lighten your hair, though, and be careful if you use it over highlights which are bleached very light – the color might fade to something undesirable over the bleached strands.

At-home color kits are too harsh on hair. I’ve ruined my hair by using them for years and it’s taken me almost a year to grow it out. Like the previous poster mentioned, check out a beauty school. I get my hair cut and colored there for less than 20$.

maybe i really am loosing my mind.

when i read this

Another trick is to take any brand of permanent haircolor, but mix 1 part color, 1 part developer, and 1 part shampoo (I use a Ny-Quil cup’s worth of each when I do mine this way).

i thought, “huh. she dyes her hair with nyquil. whadya know.” at first, i didn’t even think to question it.

i’m in trouble.

but, oh yeah. lots of my dyed pals go to the several beauty schools nearby. i’ve never seen a bad job.

If you can find one near you a beauty school is a great place to get this done. The student is not allowed to touch a real person until they have passed lots of tests so you won’t get much worse than you could get at a regular beauty salon.

Brenda V.

I colored my hair for the first time recently (31 and seeing a few silvers), and I was really scared about it. I don’t like colored hair in general, because it always looks colored KWIM? I’m not into frost, chunky highlights, or any of that jazz, I just wanted NATURAL looking color. I got two recommendations from a friend of mine who actually has her own line of hair products for curly hair. She recommended Robert Craig for darkening, and Revlon Color Silk for lightening. I was just going a tad darker so I used Robert Craig and wow, great results. Very natural. It looks just like someones natural hair color would look with natural variances in each strand. And it felt very conditioning and gentle on my very fine curly hair. I highly recommend it!

:rotfl: No, no, you use the CUP from the Ny-Quil, not the Ny-Quil itself!! Or just use that as a reference for size – it’s 1 oz. or 30 ml. But that wouldn’t be too crazy by today’s standards – for awhile, the fad around here was for kids to bleach their hair white and then dye it with Kool-Aid powder mixed with water. So their hair came out cherry-red or lime-green or orange or whatever flavor they used. I wonder how badly it stained their towels and pillowcases.

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