Another Host on Ebay


Today (4/29/05) appeared Ebay item # 6174833383 claims to be a host consecrated by JPII. I have filed a complaint with Ebay please also do what you can!


It amazes me that our Lord not only humbles himself to the point of food for us, but in such a defenseless way that he can be abused to the point of being bought and sold.


they’re really having a good time bargaining Our Lord…

:mad: :mad:


I ceased being a member of ebay when the first story broke.


Ebay will never learn. :banghead:

Here’s a quote from the seller’s item description:

“And all you catholic, don’t send me hatemale. If you really are a catholic you would safe this item.”

Is this really starting to sound like EXTORTION?* :banghead: *


This one’s a fake.


People just need to bombard ebay with complaints. Make it not worth the hassle to them.


How Do You File A Complaint On Ebay. I Was Just

At Their Site And Could Not Find How To File A

This Is Awful! What Is This World Coming Too?


To complain at Ebay go here:

and follow the report another problem route, reporting a listing policy violation, using the item # 6174833383.


:mad: Complaint and resignation threat posted.


Here’s the transcript of your conversation

Your chat session started.

Michael S.: Welcome to eBay Live Chat! My name is Mike, how may I help you?

ox201010: A seller is claiming to have a consecrated host. I think it is counterfiet.

Michael S.: What is the item number of the listing?

ox201010: 6174833383

Michael S.: Ok, what you can do is report that listing to eBay Community Watch. Would you like a link to report that now?

ox201010: I already sent one in. In light of all the attention that the last consecrated host got on Ebay, I feel that this is a guy looking for a buck. Notice that he says, “If you really are a catholic you would safe (sic) this item.” That statement sounds like he is using extortion to get money.

ox201010: Items claiming to be relics should not be able to be sold as such without authenticity.

ox201010: Hello?

Michael S.: I understand what you mean, however only our Community Watch department can review the listing.

Michael S.: So if you emailed them you’ll need to wait until they respond to you.

ox201010: Ok, could you send me the link to community watch?

Michael S.: Here it is:

Michael S.:

Michael S.: You can click on this link, then on “email”, and your question will be directed to Community Watch.

ox201010: Thanks. Bye.

Michael S.: You’re welcome. Thank you for contacting Live Chat support. Have a good day.

The agent ended your chat session.


I proclaim a Holy Crusade against the E-Bay infidels.


I have had it with Judas-bay:mad: will go to dredge up the action thread again!They are accesories to extortion!:banghead:


I just had an email from somebody who has been in contact with the Catholic League, and they’re on the case. Reportedly, ebay has felt the heat and will be working to avoid such auctions in the future. We’ll see…


Flood them with emails here:

also, go to their live chat option found in the upper right hand corner of their homepage.


info@frmcgivneyassembly.o rg
This is the Catholic action League e-mail
document.write(“JScarborough”+"@"+“”); [email=“”][/email]
Joe Scarborough on MSNBC,I do not know if he is Catholic,but he spoke highly of the Pope and supported Terri,keep it in my when you e-mail him.God Bless
From Hannity and Colmes lets e-mail him too:mad:


Drew Mariani of relevant Radio is talking about Ebay and the situation right now with Bishop Joseph Perry form Chicago, and other important information about the Eucharist.


I think being drawn and quartered would just being to pay back such an evil act!


The item has been removed! It’s been removed!!!


When I cancelled my account after the last episode and I did not get any satisfaction, they did send this email to me, I thought it was rather threatening actually. I had always thought if they changed their policy that I would sign up again. They are really punishing us if we do that by not allowing us to sign up again. At any rate I did it and I have no recourse now. :

Hello ,

Thank you for writing back to us for assistance. I’m sorry to learn of your decision to close your account.Please be aware that when closing your account, your account will be blocked, the contact information will be concealed, and the member profile will no longer be available.

It is also important to realize that, once an account is closed, the
email address associated with this account cannot be used to open a new
eBay account. You can read more information about canceling an account
at the following web address:


The host has been removed it is being announced! We don’t know why yet. Has anyone heard?

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