Another Indian Attacked Down Under

Another Indian Attacked Down Under

“Yet another attack on an Indian student in Australia – five attacks have occurred on Indian students in less than a month.”

EDUCATION authorities in New Zealand are hoping the attacks on Indian students in Australia will make New Zealand a more attractive option.

More than 70 students have been attacked in the past 12 months, including a number of stabbings in Melbourne.

Deutsche Presse-Agentur reports Robert Stevens, chief executive of Education New Zealand, told the New Zealand Herald: “What we want to do is remind education agents in India that New Zealand is a different country from Australia – in the nicest possible way”.,21985,25581674-23109,00.html

Apparently students from other countries are being attacked, too.

THE future of the $15.5 billion overseas student industry is under threat after the Chinese Government went public with concerns about violence against its students in Australia.

Battling to contain the damage arising from attacks on Indian students, senior university vice-chancellors now fear that Australia’s third-largest export industry is at risk of crippling sanctions from the Chinese and Indian governments.

The Chinese embassy counsellor, Liu Jin, yesterday said his government was actively intervening to ensure the safety of their nationals, although he declined to list the number of attacks and where they had taken place.

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