Another "is this a sin?" question

Is it a sin to not go to Confession as soon as you can? What about doing something fun or doing something else when it’s possible for you to go to Confession?

Please get help from your pastor. You have posted numerous threads asking these types of questions. You need spiritual direction if you cannot discern this for yourself.

It is not necessarily a sin, but it is certainly stupid.
When you are young, death is the thing farthest from your imagination. Young people have a general feeling of immortality. However, you never know what’s around the corner. James Gandolfini is a good example of this. Early on his last day, he took his son to visit the Vatican. We can only hope he made a good Act of Contrition while there. Later, he had a sumptious dinner in a first class restaurant with his son. Afterwards he went up to his room to use the bathroom. When he did not return to his party, his son was sent to see what was detaining his father. Gandolfiini’s son found him unconscious on the floor of the bathroom…it was too late for him by the time the emergency medical team arrived. He was only 51 - which by today’s standards is fairly young to die, and, the number of young people killed in accidents of every kind is not small.
Even though you may be young, is it worth the risk of eternal damnation just to go out for some “fun” rather than confession?

I agree with “1ke”, but maybe not is so harsh words.

This thing really bother you and a priest can help you far better then we on a web-forum.

It is important to confess regulary, and if you have commited a mortal sin you really need to confess as soon as it is possible, within reasonable limits. With that I mean that you don’t have to run to the Church in the middle of the night, you can wait until morning. And if you happen to die before you can confess have faith in God’s everlasting love and forgiveness. A itention to confess is as close as you can get to talk with a priest. (That is my personal view and it may differ from the teaching, if so, I am sorry.)

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