Another kidnapping question.


Should Catholics as individuals or the Church kidnap children like Pope Pius IX did? If you as a Catholic knew of a child who was baptized as a Catholic but had parents that refused to raise the child as a Catholic do you think the child should be kidnapped as Pope Pius IX did? Would you kidnap this child? Do you think the Church should kidnap this child?

(I hope this thread can be addressed reasonably and not closed since the people in charge of the Ask an Apologist forum will not address questions about Pope Pius IX and kidnapping.)


Prove that he did.


It is well known that he did. Do a Google search for Edgardo Mortara.


I see that your veiled accusation has been tended to by our esteemed team in the “Ask an apologist” forum. I trust you now have the information you require to make an informed decision on whether you can call this a kidnapping.



I think the context of this post is close to being worthy of contacting authorities. Nothing good can come out of this especially since we’re unable to control the psychological makeup of the people on these forums…
I VOTE this gets closed, and coming from me, I am the fist to rip on the ways and manners of the vatican!



This question has been answered in the Ask an Apologist forum.

This thread is now closed. Thanks to all who participated in the discussion.

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