Another look at Kamala Harris

It’s time for a closer look at Kamala Harris. Y’all be hearing a lot more about this stuff going into the September and October debates. The lower polling candidates have to distinguish themselves and Harris is the low hanging fruit at the moment with her record. Lot of stuff here she can’t explain away.

Harris’ sordid history is on display in this Politico article.

Gabbard called Harris to account for the conduct outlined in the above article during the debate.

There is a lot more I could have put here, but these will do for a start. Use an alternative search engine to find them.


I don’t follow the democrat candidates that closely. I can identify them by name and know a little about each one, and I consider myself to have good judgment. However, that being said, there is something about Kamala Harris from the first time I saw her and heard her speak, there was something about her that bothered me.
Like Hillary before her, I hope she does not become our next president.

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You can’t trust polls fully but after that last debate, her support fell to 7% from 20%. I read this. Kamala had a tough time with Tulsi Gabbard but someone said, “okay, why hasn’t Tulsi’s polling improved?” and that is true too.

Even though Gabbard was the most searched candidate on Google after each debate she participated in, Google and Twitter have gone out of their way to tamp down her online presence after those debates. The mainstream media has been complicit in this effort as there are hardly any articles that show her in a favorable light. Hence it should not be surprising that even though she has surpassed the 130k individual donors requirement, she has had trouble piercing the 2% polling threshold to be included in the September and October debates. A real shame, imo, as we need that debate over the “forever” wars and it won’t take place if Gabbard gets excluded and then has to drop out before the first primaries.

Back to Harris, I think her bubble has burst as her past history is coming back to bite her. Middle America won’t sit still for someone whose rise is traceable to the San Francisco political environment. That rise is rather well documented as I’ve shown above. On the other hand, I won’t count out the possibility of a comeback, but that would presuppose every other candidate falling short. Hold on to your popcorn.


I am confused here. If she’s not a progressive, then that’s a good thing, right?


I’m hoping for a less-socialist, less progressive Democrat candidate.

KH is very combative in the way she speaks.She always looks and sounds ticked off,much like HC


Šhe is a prosecutor. Expected to be combative. Just sayin.

Maybe in the courtroom but that demeanor outside of such isn’t appealing


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