Another Mormon Bishop Being Excommunicated


Bill Reel, an LDS bishop who had a faith crisis when he started studying Mormon history, just found out a few days ago that he is facing a church disciplinary council to be excommunicated. He has a podcast called where he goes into great detail about many different issues in the church. He is yet another in a long line of LDS who had tough questions about the church that the leadership was either unable or unwilling to answer. He tried to make Mormonism work for him by taking a more nuanced approach after he realized there were a lot of problems with the stories he was taught about the church. He has openly criticized church leadership in his podcasts, and now he will pay the price with excommunication. Just another example of what happens when Mormons dare to challenge their leaders publicly. Step out of line and you are gone.

Here is a link to his podcasts. If your interested in knowing more about Mormonism and would like more than just the romanticized surface level stuff presented by LDS missionaries, this is a great source.


Bishops aren’t very high in the LDS hierarchy, so this isn’t as critical as if it had been a Catholic bishop.

LDS bishops are unpaid, part time volunteers who lead a local LDS church.


I think you are missing the gist of the thread. It’s not a comparison of Catholic vs. LDS excommunication.

And if you know anything about excommunication in the Mormon church, you know that it is a very big deal no matter who it is, especially if it is a bishop.

The LDS church tends to excommunicate individuals who have a high public profile and thus influence over others, as was the case with people like John Dehlin, Sam Young, and now Bill Reel here. It is a way of silencing them, because when most LDS find out a particular person has been excommunicated, they cut off all contact with that person and instantly regard them as no longer credible.

The implications of Mormon excommunication are extremely serious, including the loss of one’s family in eternity.


Although a devout Catholic; I have always had an interest with these groups that sprang up during the Second Great Awakening in the United States. They all have a common theme. Very apocalyptic and also having a theme of restoration of in their minds what Christianity was to begin with. The three I’ve read the most about are the Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and Seventh Day Adventists. Although if you asked anyone from these groups about the others, they would call the others blasphemous. But there is an overwhelming theme. A charismatic leader who makes a claim to some revelation, knowledge of the end of the world, and redemption only through them.
I would say of the three, Mormonism takes the cake for absurdity. It has a classic NRM view that everyone can become a god. Very New Age. It claims there’s this book inspired by God, which was translated by golden plates after Moroni directed him and claimed he met God the Father, Jesus, and John the Baptist. They tell him all the churches are wrong. Interestingly if you brought the doctrines of Mormonism back in time to even the most ridiculous heresies of the day, it would be regarded as blasphemous even to them.
The Book of Mormon has so many problems it is unbelievable, comical even. Animals, weapons, plants that didn’t even exist in the Americas are present. The Book also has a strong resemblance to a book , The View of the Hebrews written five years earlier by Ethan Smith. It in speculation was inspired by 2 Esdras 13:41( 4 Esdras in Vulgate appendix), which says that the Ten Tribes traveled to a far country, “where never mankind dwelt” which Smith interpreted to mean North America. All of the “witnesses” apostasised, a fact I always make known when they blab about an apostasy in early Christianity. Also there’s more than one Mormon organization, the largest is in Salt Lake City but another in Independence Missouri is quite large as well. How do we know which one is right? The Book of Abraham turned out to be nothing but an old Egyptian funeral rite when translated by people who actually know hieroglyphics last century. Something I’ve come to realize is the whole notion of feelings meaning truth doesn’t bode well. I could read Paradise Lost or the Imitation of Christ and it makes me feel good but I’m not going to say its scripture.
I’ve come to realize if you are a Mormon you must just ignore history all together. And as for people who convert to it, it’s sad but you know what; the Catholic Church has terrible catechsis and any simple minded person could fall for their bs unfortunately.
Don’t forget the Catholic Church has many more private revelations of Jesus and Mary than Joseph Smith. The difference, private revelation cannot add or subtract from public revelation.
Joseph Smith was a false prophet and a fraud. And this may sound crazy but all that stuff about Kolob and all makes it one step short of Scientology. Why this group is always brought up on here is beyond me.


Yet another person coming to see the falsehood of the LDS faith. Hopefully he finds his way across the Tiber so he can come to know the true Jesus.


Unfortunately, many ex-LDS feel so burned by religion after a lifetime of deception that they often have a hard time trusting any religious authority ever again.


Another horrendous thing about Mormon excommunication is the farse of the disciplinary hearing. The accused is allowed to speak and also present witnesses on their behalf (the witnesses must be members in good standing). The farse is that this entire process is a sham because the decision of excommunication has already been made before the trial happens. Nothing a member says will change the outcome.


That’s true. An ex-friend of mine was in that boat. She eventually became a Pagan… just… straight up pagan… no clue what she actually believed, but that’s what she called herself… it was odd. Hopefully she comes around eventually.

Still, even if the outcome may not be what we want, we can all agree it’s good to stop believing something that is false.


It’s a hard thing for Catholics to understand because our approach to religious authority is not the same. We don’t blindy take everything every bishop and pope says as gospel truth. There is room for critical thinking. Not so in Mormonism. They will claim there is, but the truth is that when push comes to shove if a member has difficult questions and tries to pursue answers beyond the fluffy one-inch deep responses they get from their leaders, the church will try to silence them.


Bill Reel is presently being interviewed by John Dehlin about his upcoming excommunication hearing:

Fascinating stuff.


I’ve always been perplexed when it comes to Mormons’ and their wacky ideas, but I’ll give them credit for laying down the law when necessary and upholding their rules and tenets even if it means making an unpopular decision.


So true.
I actually saw on YouTube a girl who is an ex Mormon and was even a missionary. Someone asked her if she was still faithful and her response was she wants nothing to do with religion. Sad. That’s what a religion deviated from Satan will do. Many kids raised as Jehovah’s Witnesses go the same route actually in regards to religion later in life.


What annoys me is their new push for everyone not to call them Mormons or LDS but members of the “church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints.” I will not ever call them that, and any non mormon who does is borderline running on heresy since it is acknowledging their church is from Christ which it most certainly is not.


Before making that conclusion I would suggest you look more into the stories of those who suffered through the excommunication process and then decide whether or not you still admire the way the Mormon church handles these issues. You will change your mind.


At least they perform excommunication. Never understood why the Catholic Church sits by and does nothing about all the so-called Catholic politicians who promote and vote for baby killing through abortion. Why are the Kennedy families and Pelosi families not excommunicated? No wonder our Church is in rapid decline.


As far as I know neither the Kennedy’s or Pelosi promote abortion. God said not to bear false witness against your neighbor. I don’t see why the Catholic church doesn’t excommunicate all these pro lifers who bear false witness against the choice people.


And Mormons continue to perpetuate their lie. They lose their hold over their members if they don’t threaten them with losing their families in eternity.


Pro choice is pro abortion. That is the way it was explained to me.

Do your own research on both families and learn the truth about their views on the matter.


I am a baptized and confirmed Catholic (and thus am included in the 1 billion Catholics number BTW).
I have missed celebrating the Eucharist on over 1000 occasions and not been to confession for 25+ years.
If Catholicism is true AND it is half as obviously true as is portrayed here (or the CoJCoLDS is 1/10 as obviously false as it is portrayed here), I am headed to hell for an eternity of exquisite torture.
Hell is no mamby-pamby outer darkness which approaches non-existence and is an informed choice for those who wish to make it. It is no denial of Celestial familial relations where eternal joy beyond our understanding awaits all but those in Outer Darkness and the highest Celestial gift (which I also believe is a post mortal free and informed choice). Hell is eternal and exquisite torment forever.
The CoJCoLDS has nothing on Catholicism when it comes to post mortal damnation narratives possibly offered by insincere (though I doubt either group is populated by mostly insincere teachers) trying to keep the flock in line

To suggest otherwise is myopic in the EXTREME. Please think about what your church teaches before you throw a particular stone.

Charity, TOm


I always believed protestantism in all its various forms including liberal catholic dissenters leads to atheism in many cases.

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