Another NFP question


For those of you who use STM, can you help me figure something out?

I have been waking up before my alarms goes off at 6:30am, and I take my temp then, just to see the differece from then till 6:30am. Sometimes, my temp before 6:30am is lower, sometimes higher than when I take it at 6:30. I don’t get up at that time, I just take my temp at that time to make sure I always take it at the same time.

So, the days I wake up before my alarm goes off, I take my temp, go back to sleep or try to go back to sleep and then my alarm goes off and take my temp again.

Which temp should I use for my charts? For expample… a few days ago, I woke up at 5:30am and took my temp. It was 97.1. I fell back asleep and at 6:30 I took it and it was 96.6. The room temperature didn’t change, I have the heater set at a certain temperature and I use my blankets, so I wasn’t cold. I was thinking of using the 96.6 temp, but I don’t know if I should.

Any suggestions on how to handle this chart-wise?


That’s a good question…
In those (few) cases for me (who wakes up BEFORE their alarm!?! :stuck_out_tongue: )… I would actually chart BOTH, making little notes of the times next to the temperature dots…

Usually, a single data point can be thrown out if it’s an “outlier”… so I don’t worry about single day issues like that…

But if it happens regularly, then having the 2 temperatures charted would allow you to see the relative change from day to day…

Make sense? HTH!


It’s been happening alomost every day. In past charts, when it happened once or twice, I’d char both, but now it’s an almst every day thing… I guess I should chart them both anyway? This is going to make my charts more confusing… :shrug:


Maybe… or maybe not… it might actually clear up things for you if you’re able to see the trends correctly…

Are you usually able to see a distinct temperature rise after ovulation? (at least 0.4 deg F jump)? Or is that still difficult to determine?


That’s a tough question. Before I was pg w/Julian, my temps would rise by .2 F then slowly reach .4 F. Then, the month I got pg it went up by .6F, same with the cycle following the m/c. This month it started again with .2 F, went down .1 F, then went up .4 F. Unless I’m reading this chart wrong (since the m/c I have a hard time interpreting), then it went up by .4 F. :confused:


Yeah… It may help to have a second set of eyes look at your charts… maybe a local NFP teacher?
It’s hard to make guesses without seeing all the details, ya know?

Good luck… PM me if you need any help!!!


Ok, so I just looked at my Art Of NFP book, and I guess I answered one of my questions. I had an overall thermal shift. Even thoughit went down it still counts since it was .1 F above the low temps.

So, now I just have to plot the other extra temps and see if I see a pattern.

Thanks for trying to help Emily. I think I’ll email my chart to my NFP instructor and see what he says.


Since I got the waking up early part down, I wanted to post what I posted on the pregnant or not thread to see if someone could give me a hand with this…


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